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What Is Assisted Living vs. Respite Care in AZ?

It seems like there are multiple terms for every kind of senior care there is. You might have heard the term “respite care” bandied about along with assisted living, but it’s clear that those two things are two different levels of care.

Assisted Living

So what’s the difference?

When a senior has difficulty living in their own home and struggles with daily tasks and chores, we say that moving to assisted living is ideal for them. Assisted living can provide extra assistance with these daily tasks and take the pressure off of maintaining a house. Residents in the community receive aid with tasks like remembering to take their medication, bathing or showering assistance, help with dressing or grooming, and weekly housekeeping, among other things.

When you’re a resident at a Solterra Senior Living community, you have much less to worry about. You don’t have to maintain a home or a yard, your cleaning and cooking are done for you, and you don’t even need a car because of the transportation options the community offers. Transportation services are something we are happy to provide to get you to your appointments, your shopping trips, and your Arizona day trip excursions.

We place great value on our residents’ independence, and our mission statement is to expand the quality of our residents’ lives – even those of the most active seniors who stay with us. Assisted living is sometimes portrayed as boring, but we recognize the importance of a lifestyle that is healthy, active, and fun.

Respite Care

If a senior has had a recent surgery, illness, or accident, and they need a safe place to recover, respite care is an excellent way to experience an assisted living community’s level of care before committing fully to the move. You can expect the same quality care in your short-term stay as you can expect if you decide to move in as a resident. All of the same social programs are open to you, as well as our chef-prepared meals, and access to the same high standards when it comes to respectful, professional staff.

Maybe you or your loved one are unsure whether they’d enjoy assisted living. Respite care comes in handy here too. If the senior in your life has a caregiver who needs a break or a vacation, or if their caregiver is a family member who has their own family to care for, respite care can step in as a bridge. This way, you or your loved one can test-drive living in an assisted living community without the commitment of a whole move. You can also test-drive life in an assisted living community without the commitment even if the senior in your life doesn’t have a caregiver. Just remember that space availability for short-term stays may vary by community.

Whether you are ready for a move or just testing the waters, Solterra Senior Living is a great place to maximize the quality of your life. Contact us today to set up a tour so you can experience respite care in Arizona!