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What Is It Like to Move Into BridgeWater Midtown Phoenix AZ Assisted Living?

Moving is never an easy task, and making the change to move into a Midtown Phoenix, AZ, assisted living community may feel daunting. But there’s a way to ease the stress.

One thing that can help make the move easier and more fun is thinking of all the things you have to look forward to in your new community. It will be a change in your lifestyle, but not all changes need to be difficult. At BridgeWater Midtown Phoenix, we want to make this change as easy as possible and make sure that you have lots of new opportunities and things to keep you busy.

Here’s what it’s really like to move into the BridgeWater assisted living community in Midtown Phoenix, AZ.

Resident-Centered Care

At all of our BridgeWater assisted living communities, we focus on resident-centered care. This means that we encourage our residents to make their own decisions about the care and services they both need and want. We are here to support that and make sure all our residents remain safe. 

Our staff makes sure that all care is given in a comfortable and respectful manner too. You will feel secure and cared for.

CarePredict Technology

All of the apartments at Bridgewater Midtown Phoenix, AZ, come equipped with CarePredict proactive technology. This allows our care team to be able to “see behind the door” in a way that is still non-invasive and allows the residents to have privacy. 

This technology analyzes a wide range of clinical data that our staff uses to provide better care for our residents. Plus, they can proactively identify any new health concerns and quickly address them.

Lots of Amenities

We understand that our assisted living community is not only your new home but also your new neighborhood. BridgeWater’s Midtown location offers a lot of amenities to create that neighborhood/community feel, including a library, movie theater, hair salon, wellness center, business center, outdoor garden courtyard, beautiful common areas, and bistro coffee lounge. There are also chef-prepared meals and a community dining room.

Lots of Activities

In addition to providing a variety of amenities for our residents to take advantage of, we also have scheduled activities for residents to participate in. These activities happen daily, and we try to provide an activity for every resident’s taste. We also offer activities outside of our community for residents to take part in and transportation services so residents don’t need to worry about driving themselves. There are ways to engage in local community events, participate in local civic affairs, and volunteer with philanthropic projects. Our BridgeWater Midtown Phoenix, AZ, community is a beautiful seven-story building that has beautiful mountain views. It’s also near downtown Phoenix, meaning there’s a lot to do when residents want to get away for the day. If you are looking for Midtown Phoenix, AZ, assisted living, we encourage you to come and take a tour of the BridgeWater community.