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What to Expect from Memory Care Facilities That Accept Medicaid

When a loved one is managing a condition like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or has a traumatic brain injury causing issues with cognition and memory, it can be extremely challenging for them to manage day-to-day living and caring for themselves safely and effectively without asking for help from others. 

They often lean on their loved ones for help with mundane daily tasks, such as showering, shopping, cooking, cleaning or medication management, sometimes leaving their helping family members stretched thin and exhausted as they manage their own daily tasks on top of helping their loved one through their day. Months of caring for a family member in need can leave someone looking for other means of assistance that can be more sustainable for their struggling loved one. Oftentimes the cost of quality memory care help can be prohibitive, leaving family members wondering how they will continue to help caring for their loved one in need.

The good news is that there are memory care facilities that accept Medicaid, and with financial assistance from Medicaid, quality, compassionate, and affordable help can be attainable for your loved one after all. You can now find quality healthcare for your loved one without the unaffordable price tag. The memory care experts at BridgeWater Assisted Living accept Medicaid for their residents and provide an upscale living experience while providing compassionate care for their residents who are managing daily living while in cognitive decline.

Cognitive Therapies

It is very important to make sure those suffering from cognitive decline continue to socialize with others and exercise their brains daily in order to keep their brain functions in the best possible shape. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, residents will be able to enjoy various daily stimulating activities with their neighbors in their community while making music, creating art, or doing other activities which are both entertaining and help grow cognition and mindfulness. Activities are set up by compassionate program directors who create activities geared towards the preferences of those in the community, while ensuring the activities are focused on engaging both mind and body to increase their mind and body wellness.

Focus on Positive Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining a positive state of mind is essential when caring for those in cognitive decline. Having a positive mindset can help increase both physical and mental health and make for a happier overall existence. 

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, a science-based program called Equilibrium® is used to gain real-time feedback on how residents are feeling from day to day, allowing the healthcare experts to update residents’ families regularly on their loved one’s physical and mental wellbeing. These frequent updates can be a huge comfort to family members, knowing their loved ones are being continually cared for in the best possible way. 

The program directors are able to adjust their activities to best fit the needs of their residents, ensuring the best health outcomes and the most enjoyable experience for their community.If you are looking for memory care facilities that accept Medicaid which offer both affordable and quality care for your loved one in need of memory care, contact BridgeWater Assisted Living today.