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What to Look for in Phoenix Senior Living Locations

Is it time for you or your loved one to start the next chapter of life by moving into a senior living location? There are a lot of things to research before committing to one particular senior living location.

This may be where you or your loved one will be spending the rest of their life, so it’s a big decision. You want a place that provides resident-centered care, is communicative, is affordable, is close by, and offers great quality without breaking the bank.

Those are a lot of things to consider and to figure out prior to choosing a location. What exactly should you be searching for? Here are some things you should be sure to look for in Phoenix senior living locations.

Different Levels of Care

Choosing a senior living location that has various levels of care can allow for stability. As your loved one ages, the care they need may change or become greater. Having the option to remain in the same location but simply move into a new part of the community that centers on your loved one’s new needs will be much easier down the road than having to find a new home altogether.

For instance, at the BridgeWater Assisted Living communities in Deer Valley and Avondale, we offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care. We understand that not every resident will need all three of these services, but we provide the option to age in place.

Should our highly trained staff have concerns about a resident, recommendations for a higher level of care would be made. For example, if a senior living in independent living is likely to benefit from assisted living services, we will work with the family to make that change in-house. There’s no need for the resident to be moved to an unfamiliar community. Because of this, it’s important to choose a senior living location that offers options your loved one may need not only now but in the future too.

Financial Aid

Senior living can be expensive. Choosing a quality senior living location that’s also affordable for your loved one is important. Plan ahead and make sure that if your loved one doesn’t have funds for senior living, the location you choose offers financial aid options or accepts other financial solutions.

Many senior living communities accept Medicaid/ALTCS and US veteran’s benefits, which can help pay or offset the costs of the senior living location. If you plan to use these types of benefits, be sure to choose a location that accepts them. Depending on your situation, you may need to check out whether the senior living you’re looking into has income-qualified opportunities. You’ll also want to note whether they charge community fees and deposits and how expensive they are.

At BridgeWater, we have community benefit advocates on staff to help potential residents and their families explore all of their financing options.

Plenty of Amenities

This is where your loved one will be spending their time, so it’s a good idea to look into what amenities are offered. Of course, you want to be sure all their needs will be met, but confirm there are activity programs and amenities that will meet their mental and social needs too. Dining, housekeeping, and wellness are just some of the amenities that should be available to you. For instance, especially for Phoenix senior living locations, there should be an option to take advantage of the surrounding area as well, such as on-site outdoor spaces or transportation to and from extracurricular activities.

In terms of entertainment, find out what activities the location offers. Is there a community theatre that plays movies for residents to enjoy? A happy hour to enjoy with neighbors? A library to sit in for peace and quiet or to grab a great book to keep their mind active? Just because our residents are no longer living in their old homes doesn’t mean that they have to give up their social lives or the things they used to enjoy. Seniors benefit from an active lifestyle.


The location of the senior living community is also something to consider. Being close to friends and family is beneficial, as it allows for regular visits from the important people in their lives. If the community is too far away from their old home or their family and friends, regular visits are likely to be less frequent.

Additionally, choosing an area that isn’t isolated is another factor to consider. Especially if the resident is in independent living, they should be able to go about their lives as they used to. This means getting out of the apartment and keeping busy. There are many reasons to love living in a Phoenix senior living location, as there is a lot for you or your loved one to do, both on our campus and off.

Choosing a senior living location can seem like an overwhelming task. It takes a lot of research, time, and energy, and raises a lot of questions. But it helps to know what you should be looking for. This will help you ask the right questions and research the correct things. The above items are critical to consider when choosing a Phoenix senior living location. And a good place to start your search. These will affect the happiness and care of your loved one and help ease the transition. You want a senior living location that will put your loved one’s needs first while keeping the family in the know. You want a place that is affordable, clean, quality, and fun. These places do exist, as we know well, as you can find all these things and more right here at BridgeWater.