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When Should I Stop Driving?

Driving is a convenience that allows for independence among adults.

Driving is a convenience that allows for independence among adults. It feels good to have the option to pick up and go whenever you want, but as you age, you may be wondering if senior driving is a good idea. Continuing to drive into older age can come with a higher chance of crashing and injuring yourself or others on the road. To avoid those potential dangers, the following information will help you assess when it’s a good idea for you to stop driving.

Know the Signs

The best way to assess if you should stop driving is to be aware of the signs that your driving capabilities are diminishing. Many of these things can be assessed by looking at your current health issues. Have you been experiencing loss of hearing or memory loss? Do you have joint pain that makes it harder for your body to react quickly or that would cause you to be unable to turn a steering wheel without issues? Your health is a great determinate for whether senior driving is still on the table for you.

Other signs to look out for have less to do with your health and more to do with your current driving experiences. Changes in your driving behavior and confidence can be a sign that it may not be safe for you to be in the driver’s seat any longer. Here are a few signs you should look out for:

  • Getting lost often
  • Having multiple small accidents
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Trouble staying in your own lane

When these issues occur, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Giving up driving can be a difficult and emotional decision to make, but knowing that it’s in the best interests of you and your fellow drivers can help make the transition easier. If you’re still wondering whether you should be on the road, try taking this quiz from AAA to give you more answers.

Find Alternative Options

If senior driving is no longer a safe option for you, it may feel like you’ve lost your independence. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to continue getting around with the help of other transportation services. There are programs and assistance options in place to help you navigate this new time in your life, without losing the convenience that comes with driving.

One option you can take advantage of comes as an included amenity when you live in senior living communities like the Mission at Agua Fria. These kinds of communities for seniors have options such as scheduled transportation to local services so you can depend on safe transportation without having to get behind the wheel. It’s a great option for when you need to pick something up that you can’t find within the community itself.

Another added benefit of living in a senior living community is that most of your needs can be found within the community, like great dining options, on-site medical care, and housekeeping services. These convenient amenities make your need for driving much less than when you live on your own.