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When Should You Use Respite Care in Arizona?

When Should You Use Respite Care in Arizona?

Few states can compete with Arizona when it comes to great weather, outdoor activities, low taxes, and senior living options.

For seniors who need some assistance now and then, many families choose assisted living or memory care communities in Arizona, like Solterra Senior Living communities, where their loved ones can enjoy restaurant-style dining, transportation, housekeeping services, social activities, and 24-hour access to medical assistance if they need it. But did you know that some assisted living communities also offer temporary assisted living options?

What Is Respite Care, and When Might You Use It?

Temporary assisted living is sometimes known as respite or short-term care. As the name suggests, respite care provides a short period of rest or relief for caregivers. Sometimes respite care is planned, but it can also come in the form of emergency care when you unexpectedly need extra help for a short time. In either case, respite care provides a temporary break for the regular caregiver for a designated period of time.

There are several situations in which you might consider respite care; your family might choose to take advantage of respite care for any reason. The following are some of the most common reasons to seek out respite care for a loved one: 

Respite for a Caregiver

Caregivers who provide assistance with everyday life, like cooking, bathing, or transportation, sometimes need to take time off but worry about who will take over for them. For instance, if you need time to travel for work or vacation, you want a trained and loving professional to provide the same level of care for your family member. 

When you choose respite care at an accredited assisted living community, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is well-cared for and can enjoy a full range of amenities, including quality healthcare, transportation, access to social activities, and nutritious meals, all in a beautiful and safe setting.

Recovery From Injury or Surgery

Respite care can also be the perfect solution for seniors after surgery or an injury if they need extra help during recovery. If your regular caregiver cannot provide the additional care you need while you recover, or your home is not properly equipped to meet your recovery needs, temporary assisted living can help with transitional care. Staff are fully trained and ready to help, day or night, with physical therapy, medication management, health services, and more.

Trial Run for Move to Assisted Living

Another common reason to choose respite care is when families are trying to decide whether a move to assisted living is the right choice. Respite care gives seniors the chance to fully experience all the benefits of living in an assisted living community before making a full-time commitment.

Respite Care in Arizona

If you need respite care in Arizona, please feel free to contact one of our amazing communities today. We can’t wait to meet you and help you find the perfect solution for your family’s needs.