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You’re Going to Love Senior Living in AZ

Do you want to spend your golden years soaking up the sun’s golden rays? If so, consider making your home in Arizona.

Do you want to spend your golden years soaking up the sun’s golden rays? If so, consider making your home in Arizona. If you enjoy a relaxing lifestyle but want to be somewhere that has lots of entertainment, culinary, and cultural offerings, then Arizona may be just the place for you.
We know firsthand because it’s our home base at Solterra Senior Living. In fact, we have two communities, with one conveniently located in Chandler, near Phoenix, and the other in Lakeside, AZ, near the White Mountains.
Here’s what you can expect from senior living in Arizona.

Tax Breaks

Let’s talk about money. You’ve worked hard your entire life to build up a comfortable nest egg. Now it’s time to hold on to as much of it as possible. If you’re a senior residing in Arizona, the good news is that you can enjoy your social security income tax-free.
There is also no gift, inheritance, or estate tax in Arizona, so if you plan to receive any of this type of money in retirement, then it makes sense to live in a state that will allow you to keep the full amount. It’s more money in your pocket to really be able to enjoy your retirement. Military retirement income is also not subject to state income tax in Arizona.
So, what type of income is taxed here? Withdrawals from retirement accounts, such as a 401k account, fall into the category of taxable income. Even so, the low cost of living makes Arizona an attractive option for those looking to live in the lap of luxury at an affordable price.

Quality Health Insurance

There is a strong likelihood that each of us will need some sort of medical assistance as we get older. For example, we may need reminders about when to take our medication or require some help with daily activities, such as bathing and dressing.
Quality healthcare can get expensive, but one state program makes senior living more affordable. The Arizona Long-Term Care System (also known as ALTCS) provides health insurance for those 65 and older or who have a disability and require nursing-home-level care.
But residing in a nursing home is not a requirement of ALTCS. You can choose to remain in your own home or live in a community-based setting like assisted living or memory care at Solterra. If you’re concerned about how to afford long-term healthcare in retirement, taking advantage of a program like ALTCS could alleviate some of your financial worries.

Leisure and Recreation

Saving money is great, but we understand that you want to have a little fun while you’re doing it too. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a more relaxed environment or desire a jam-packed social schedule, Arizona is an excellent place to settle.
Want to tee off? There are more than 300 golf courses in the state. Or perhaps you prefer to visit an award-winning restaurant or one-of-a-kind museum, or maybe you want to take in some beautiful outdoor sights. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing day at a botanical garden or a night out on the town, we’re confident Arizona has something just for you.
So make your golden years shine a little brighter by choosing to bask in the Arizona sun. And if you’re looking to reside in a community with other like-minded seniors, pay us a visit at Solterra. We’re excited to welcome you to your new home.