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Nourish your body and soul with community dining at BridgeWater.

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Senior Dining at BridgeWater in Avondale, Arizona

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Food Should Be Fun

Healthy. Delicious. Social.

Meals are at the heart of our community at BridgeWater. For us, the dining experience is a highlight of each day, a celebration of the best things in life. After all, what could be better than chef-crafted meals made just the way you like them–enjoyed in the company of great friends?

Smug elderly lady with cup of tea
Senior man eating a well prepared meal

Your Choice Is Always On The Menu

When you dine with us at BridgeWater, you always have choices. Between our rotating seasonal menu and our “always available” menu, there will be an option that pleases your palate and meets your needs. Just let your server know–our kitchen can accommodate most requests.

Mindful Scoop

Food powers our bodies, and knowledge powers our minds.

BridgeWater’s monthly Mindful Scoop newsletter and in-person seminar provide nutrition education for our residents and empower them to make healthy eating choices.

Chef Stage Center

Let the show begin.

BridgeWater’s on-site chef takes center stage each month to present a live cooking demo. Residents get to enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes–and a taste of the magic!

Cheerful business woman

Culinary Conversations

It’s time to talk about food!

BridgeWater’s Director of Dining Services sits down with residents for a monthly chat and open forum. Ask questions, share what meals you loved, and tell us what could be improved…your opinion matters to us.

Gourmet french toast with fresh blueberries, Kerrygold Irish butter and real maple syrup.

Culinary Calendars

Great food deserves to be celebrated

BridgeWater’s dining team plans out several meal events each month featuring foods from around the world–and some familiar favorites. If you’ve never experienced National French Toast Day before, let’s just say you’re in for a treat!

Woman holding a basket full of an assortment of organic farmer produced vegetables.

Shop Local

fresh is best

Excellent food starts with excellent ingredients, which is why we source as much as possible from local providers and vendors. Your tastebuds will appreciate the difference.


Suite is Sweet

At BridgeWater, you won’t miss out on your favorite meals when you’re under the weather. We can deliver meals “to go” to your apartment suite until you are back on your feet and ready to rejoin your friends.

Memory Care Friendly

Seniors in Memory Care sometimes experience extra challenges when enjoying their meals, but BridgeWater’s dining services can accommodate your needs. Our kitchen will prepare meals with easy feeding and digestion in mind. Your caregivers can also assist you at mealtimes as needed to ensure you don’t miss out.

Caregiver assisting senior woman with drinking her orange juice
Memory Care Dining

Join Us Around The Table

Interested in learning more about our community?

BridgeWater would love to have you and your family as guests at one of our meals. Come on by for a tour—there’s always a place for you at our table.

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