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3 Benefits of Equilibrium Care

At Bridgewater Assisted Living, our focus is on creating an atmosphere of comfort and ease for you or your loved one. We believe every older adult deserves a great retirement and the care necessary to enjoy the time they spend with us, whether that’s for a short-term duration or for the long-term.

If you or your loved one is experiencing some cognitive decline, we want to be sure that you know about our Equilibrium program. Equilibrium is an activity engagement program and philosophy, rather than a care model. Despite that, it results in residents being healthier and happier. 

Most senior communities have daily activities. Using a combination of art, music, mindfulness, and cognitive therapies, this exclusive program will help you enjoy a better quality of life. Here are three benefits of Equilibrium care you can expect.

Keeps Your Mind Engaged

Studies have shown that participating in creative group activities, such as a community choir or an art class, will promote healthier aging. Scientists have found that music can be used to reduce behavioral symptoms of dementia, such as stress, aggression, agitation, and apathy.

In addition to this, it promotes social interaction, which will also create better self-esteem. Mindfulness is an excellent way to improve your psychological well-being as well. When practicing mindfulness as part of Equilibrium, your mood will improve and your positive emotions will increase, and it will decrease your anxiety and emotional reactivity as well.

Keeps Your Body Active

More studies on mindfulness have shown that the practice of mindfulness may impact your physical health as well, including your brain, heart, and immune system. In a recent study, people with heart disease were split into two groups and either completed normal treatment or were signed up for an online program to help them practice meditation. Those who meditated showed significant improvements on a walking test that measured their cardiovascular capacity. They also demonstrated slower heart rates than those in the control group.

Keeps Your Spirits High

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is another branch of the Equilibrium program. You might feel trepidation visiting with a therapist, but there’s no stigma to seeing one. The focus of cognitive therapy is on how you’re thinking, behaving, and communicating today, rather than the focus (and perhaps the stereotype) of talking about your early childhood experiences. By working with a therapist and using their guidance, you’ll be better prepared to face any mental health issues you might have been struggling with, including loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, loss, substance abuse, or eating disorders.

This type of therapy is a relatively short-term psychotherapy and will concentrate on one or two specific problems you’d like help with. Your therapist may give you “homework assignments” so that you’ll be able to better handle these issues on your own in the future. In this way, you’ll have tools at your disposal in order to change your thinking. And doesn’t that thought make you a little more cheerful?Check out our website now if you’d like more information about this particular program or if you have any other questions about our care options at Bridgewater Assisted Living. We’d love to talk with you on the phone or to schedule a tour so you can come see our state-of-the-art homes for yourself.