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What Is Independent Living in Phoenix?

“I think we need to move Mom/Dad to assisted living.

“I think we need to move Mom/Dad to assisted living.”

These words have been said by adult children about their elderly parents in generation after generation. It’s a phrase that nobody wants to say; it’s a phrase that fewer people want to have said about them.

The reality is that the inevitable passing of time means that our bodies slowly break down—a pain in the back that we didn’t have yesterday, trouble reading something that wasn’t a problem just the other week. But “assisted living”—or worse yet, “nursing home”—often conjures up negative images of helplessness, of being reliant on people who might not have our best interests in mind, of just spending the hours wasting away without anything to do on our own terms.

At Solterra, we believe in independent living. Phoenix is home to a growing population of older people, and we believe that, even in our golden years, we all need a place to live on our own terms.

So, what is independent living in Phoenix, or any other city in the United States for that matter?

Independent living comes down to several things:

Your Space How You Want It

Too many assisted-living spaces feel more like hospital rooms than genuine homes. When you live in a Solterra independent-living facility, your apartment is just that: your apartment. Our living facilities are designed to feel like any other home you’ve ever had. Depending on the particular Solterra community, we offer one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments so that you can find a perfect fit.

Living on Your Schedule

Do you want to relax in the garden or patio, practice yoga in a park, eat at fantastic bistro-style restaurants, read in a library, or practice your faith of choice? We don’t believe in scheduling your life. We believe in letting you live by your own schedule and providing you with expertly maintained facilities that empower you to do just that. Our staff takes care of day-to-day housekeeping, and you can focus on living how you want, whether that means taking an art class, going for a swim, or surfing the internet.

The Help You Need When You Need It

Our facilities for independent living in Phoenix are equipped with advanced but discreet health monitoring technology powered by GreatCall, enabling us to track emerging health issues that our residents might experience. Proactive, early intervention means our residents get the medical care they need when they need it, leading to quicker recovery, less downtime, and a better quality of life. Solterra strives to mix independence with excellent care while sacrificing neither.

At Solterra, your life is still your own, just without dealing with worries like maintenance or doing your own housekeeping. You can sign up for social activities and leisure outings or just enjoy your life at your own pace. That’s what makes for great independent living. Phoenix residents entering their golden years should consider contacting Solterra today for a tour of one of our facilities.