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3 Benefits of Moving to Senior Living Communities in Arizona

When starting to look for senior living communities in Arizona to move to, you or your loved one may think it’s more than the hassle is worth. Organizing your belongings, selling or renting out your home, the big move day—it may seem overwhelming. Easier to put it off, right?
Easier maybe, but there are many helpful benefits to living in a senior living community that make the move well worth it for you and your loved ones. Here are our top three reasons to take action now.

1. More Free Time

Think of all the chores you do every day. This could include house maintenance, cleaning, going grocery shopping, or yard work. When you move into a senior living community, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. Some of these activities could also be a health hazard for an older person—imagine climbing a ladder to change a light bulb when your balance is iffy or lifting something heavy. Senior living communities like BridgeWater provide cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and laundry services.

This will also free up time for anyone who might have been acting as a caregiver. Without the extra work of caring for their loved ones, families have more time to spend together doing the things they want to do, rather than feeling stressed out, rushed, or worried about mom and dad living in their house alone.

2. Non-Invasive Healthcare Monitoring

You may feel at the top of your game as you move into senior living. As you age in place, though, you may require access to healthcare or other assistance that you hadn’t required before. When you move into a BridgeWater Assisted Living community, you have access to everything you need, medically speaking, whether you’re living in assisted living or memory care.
All of our communities are set up for CarePredict, a revolutionary healthcare management system that allows you to have more independence while we use passive sensors to monitor for changes in your daily patterns. Changes in sleeping, toileting, or other activities could indicate emerging health conditions. This way, you and your doctors can address concerns before they become problems and even avoid trips to the hospital or the ER.

3. Assistance With Daily Activities

At senior living communities in Arizona, personalized care focuses on activities or chores you might need or want help with, and we can add things or take them off the list as needed. We understand that not everyone needs help with the same things so hands-on assistance for you will look different than for anyone else.
For instance, you may feel completely capable of dressing and grooming yourself now but need help with laundry and driving. We’re happy to help. This could also include assistance with bathing, using the toilet, or medication management. Transportation is in our wheelhouse as well. You’re welcome to use your own car, but at BridgeWater, we can transport you where you need to go, whether that’s a doctor’s appointment or a shopping trip. We aim to provide the assistance you need while giving you the independence you still desire.
Whether you’re concerned with needing hands-on assistance or interested in never having to go grocery shopping again, we’re here for you. Contact us today to schedule a tour.