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3 Benefits of Staying Active in Chandler Assisted Living

Just because you have made the move to assisted living doesn’t mean you need to give up your active life. Staying active is one of the best things you can do for your health, especially during your senior years. Here at Solterra Senior Living, we know the importance of physical activity and encourage our residents to be as active as they safely can be.

We offer an extensive activity program to get our residents out of their rooms and moving. We also have on-site wellness and therapy centers that are well-equipped and a full calendar of events that include activities that will get you moving. Staying active and moving will have incredible health benefits for you.

Now that you know what Solterra has to offer, here are three benefits of staying active in a Chandler assisted living community:

1. Stroke and Other Diseases Prevention

Unfortunately, seniors are among the most at risk for experiencing a stroke. The good news is that there are things you can do to help prevent a stroke, such as staying physically active. Participating in any moderately-intense exercise for around 150 minutes a week can make a huge difference.

Even adding a regular walk as your physical activity has been linked to giving you a lower risk of falls, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Water aerobics and light swimming are also great ideas, as exercising in water can help reduce strain on your joints.

2. Helps Prevent Anxiety and Depression

No matter what age you are, physical activity can help prevent anxiety and depression. It also just makes you feel better thanks to the endorphins released while you are exercising. This release of the “happy chemicals” in your body will not just help you feel happier, but it’s also a stress reliever.

As seniors are at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression, being physically active can combat and prevent this. Once again, walking can do the trick and is the easiest, most enjoyable, and most accessible form of physical activity for seniors.

3. Social Interaction

Feelings of depression and isolation are common in seniors. As we mentioned, being physically active can help combat depression, but it can also help prevent feelings of isolation. Being physically active requires you to get out of your apartment, whether it’s on the walkways of a courtyard or in a gym, like our on-site wellness center here at our Chandler community.

By getting out of your apartment, you will see other residents and interact with them. Especially if you take a class that is offered, you will be surrounded by others also interested in staying physically active. Not only will you be enjoying time with others, but you may even find a workout or accountability buddy to help make sure you stay physically active. It’s always more fun with a friend.

As you can see, there are many benefits of staying active and our Chandler assisted living community has everything you need to do this safely and enjoyably.