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What Does Memory Care in Tucson Look Like

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you may feel ill-equipped to meet their needs in daily life. Since the diseases tend to worsen over time, meeting their needs can grow to be a full-time job. If that’s the case, looking for memory care in Tucson might be the best option for you. Sometimes called “memory care neighborhoods”, these communities exist to help their residents live their best lives while also receiving the care and attention they need. 

Here’s what you can expect from life in memory care:

A Safe, Low-Stress Environment

Living with Alzheimer’s or dementia can cause confusion and mood swings, so the key to memory care is keeping things consistent, stable, and stress-free. Memory care communities employ clear signage, bright lighting, and personalized residences in order to make things relaxing and easy to understand. By providing a calm, structured environment, residents in a memory care community can go about their days in peace without becoming agitated or confused.

Since people with Alzheimer’s or dementia can tend to wander, these communities also employ unobtrusive security measures to ensure their residents remain on property. Exterior-locked doors and carefully monitored entrances and exits, combined with a vigilant staff, help ensure everyone’s safety. Many Tucson communities also have beautiful gardens or other spaces, all safely enclosed, so that their residents can have a safe place to spend some time outdoors. 

Attentive Staff Giving Compassionate Care

In any Tucson senior community, you’ll find staff bustling about to help ensure their residents are as content and comfortable as possible. They help prepare and serve meals, facilitate activities, and provide any additional help that someone might require. The staff in a memory care community do all this and then more, providing the additional care their residents require. 

Memory care staff are trained on the specific needs of people with memory-related ailments, with thorough education on how to provide 24/7 care to meet their needs. The staff in another senior community might simply post a menu for the day, but those in a memory care will check in on their residents to make sure they’re making it to meals. They also provide one-on-one socialization, keeping their minds engaged and helping them maintain their cognitive abilities. In everything they do, the staff goes about their jobs with the empathy and compassion to help their residents feel safe and comfortable.

Activities and Amenities for a Full Life

Living in a Tucson memory care community also offers a great number of therapeutic activities to help keep residents engaged in their lives. Music therapy, pet therapy, as well as memory games all keep the mind sharp and active. Other organized activities, such as arts and crafts or supervised outings give residents the opportunity to have some fun and encourage their emotional well being. Plenty of other amenities, like music or game rooms, provide recreational areas for people to unwind and entertain themselves. With plenty of activities to choose from, residents can still be active participants in their daily lives. Schedule a tour of the Bridgewater properties today and see how we can help support your loved one!