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Plan Ahead for Assisted Living in Arizona

It’s always wise to be prepared for your future. Especially when it will help out your loved ones. While aging is a difficult subject, planning ahead now will prevent a lot of confusion and anxiety later. Read on to find out more about the best way to plan ahead for assisted living in Arizona.

Do Your Research on Assisted Living Options in Arizona

First, look into assisted living and the options available in your area. You can even start by simply using a search engine like Google, but that should be the beginning of your research, not the end. Don’t just choose the first one you see or take everything they claim as gospel.

If you have any friends or family who have experience with assisted living, ask them for any recommendations. They also may be able to tell you about any good or bad signs to watch out for in specific places. You can also reach out to the different assisted living options in Arizona with your questions or tour the communities in which you’re interested.

Consider the Costs

You’ll want to have a plan in place for how to pay for assisted living in Arizona, so do some research on financial assistance options to see whether you qualify.

Start by getting a general idea of how much assisted living care will cost. The exact amount can vary, but it’s good to have a possible range in mind. Many people incorrectly assume long-term care like assisted living is covered by Medicare, but this isn’t always the case. It’s best to learn whether this is the case ahead of time. It will save you from feeling unprepared and shocked later.

If Medicare doesn’t cover your long-term care, there are other options that may cover some of the cost. This includes Medicaid, long-term insurance, VA benefits, and potential financial assistance and loans.

You can also start saving up on your own or with the help of loved ones. It may also benefit you to meet with a financial advisor.

Create a Plan

If you have certain preferences, wishes, and values for your care, it’s best to create a plan that honors them now. You can even put them in writing so your loved ones have something to refer to. This is also helpful in case you become unable to communicate for yourself.

One way to create a plan is through a living will. While it varies per state, you can usually get one set up by contacting your local agency and/or department of aging.

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Know Your Wishes

If you have preferences, let your loved ones know sooner rather than later. Make sure to be as specific as needed. Also, you may need to answer certain difficult questions. While this may be an emotional and tough conversation, it will make things easier in the long run.

If you plan to set up a living will, let your family know about it.

Also, keep your loved ones posted about any changes. While it’s good to have a plan for assisted living in Arizona ahead of time, it’s understandable you could change your mind. You and your loved ones can regularly review what you’ve said just to confirm that it is still what you want.For those who live in Arizona and want to stay there as you age, check out BridgeWater Assisted Living. You can contact us with any questions and even come in for a tour. You can even speak with a community benefits advocate to discuss your financial options. For more information on our Arizona assisted living, check out our website.