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3 Day Trips to Try When Living in Tucson

Just because you’ve moved into a retirement community doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world around you.

Just because you’ve moved into a retirement community doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world around you. Whether you’re new to the Tucson area or planning to rediscover and reconnect with it, there are plenty of amazing things to find and explore. To get you started, here are three day trips you won’t want to miss.

1. Kartchner Caverns State Park

You may be aware of the desert in all its glory above ground—but what’s going on below it? Here you can see one of the longest “soda straw” stalactites in the world, gorgeous formations that took tens of thousands of years to form. You can also learn about different types of formations, such as shields, totems, helictites, and rimstone dams. The caves are also home to a small colony of bats that take up residence in the summer. You would think that the bats would travel south for the winter instead of the summer, but the truth is, no one is sure where these bats spend their winter. Scientists and park rangers hypothesize that they hibernate in caves high in the Huachuca Mountains, about 40 miles away.

2. Sabino Canyon

This protected area is north of Tucson and has something everyone can enjoy. Experience the waterfalls, creeks, and beautiful, wild desert scenery at your own pace. There are challenging hikes and gentle walks, and if you don’t want to use your own feet, you can take a tram through the canyon. The presence of water in this little oasis means that there are plants and animals like none other in the world. And you may spot a Gila monster, a bobcat, or even a mountain lion!

The winter snowmelt from the Catalina Mountains plus the lightning summer storms means that little Sabino Creek flows all year long. If you’re more interested in taking a tour, you can enjoy the Sabino Canyon Crawler or the Bear Canyon Shuttle, with an audio tour to guide you through the flora and fauna.

3. Tubac

If you’re interested more in local history and art, this day trip is for you. Just 43 miles away from Tucson, this desert town was established in 1752. It’s believed that this area has been inhabited by humans for over 11,000 years, starting with the Elephant Hunters who followed herds of mammoth. The first mark on this area to survive to this day was a Spanish fort. Over time, this little town has lived quite a life, as it was abandoned, overrun and destroyed by Apaches, and then reestablished more recently as an art haven. Artists flock from all over the world, not only to enjoy the company of other artists, but to enjoy the stark beauty of the desert and display their works. Galleries and shops abound in this little artist colony in the desert.

Remember, since your new home at Solterra Senior Living is located in northwest Tucson, you can definitely find some time to enjoy these three adventures and still be home in time for dinner. We’d be happy to organize transportation for you as well. Visit our website for more information about how we can help you age in worry-free comfort.