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What to Expect from Assisted Living Near Phoenix

If you’ve never lived at an assisted living community before, it’s probably hard to create an accurate picture of what it will be like. Some assisted living communities offer more than others, while some just stick to meeting your basic needs.

Knowing what your community will be like beforehand is a great way to see if it will meet your expectations, and BridgeWater Assisted Living is happy to give you a glimpse into what your life would be like if you choose to live here.

Assisted living near Phoenix provides you with all the possibilities the city has to offer, while also offering a stable and fulfilling home life for residents. Many of your needs can be met within the community, such as entertainment, dining, and even personal needs like haircare.

If you’re looking into assisted living near Phoenix, Arizona, look no further than BridgeWater Assisted Living. Here are some things that you can expect from the BridgeWater Assisted Living communities near Phoenix.

Varying Levels of Care

At BridgeWater, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all care system. The level of care you receive is based specifically on your needs and preferences. Because the care residents need can vary, we work with all of our residents and their families to plan the right level of care before they join the community. In addition, the services and levels of care vary by community, ensuring residents receive the care they need. Our communities can be contacted directly for more detailed descriptions of their care.

An example of how the lives differ can be seen at the Deer Valley community. The level of assisted living care at the Deer Valley community is determined on a sliding scale from one to four. At level one, residents receive general health monitoring and community clinical oversight as they remain independent with all activities of daily living. The second level allows for general health supervision but also for the care team to intervene when needed, as well as assistance with medication management twice daily.

Levels three and four include additional assistance, such as with activities of daily living, aid with bathing, daily dressing, and grooming. They also become more hands-on with healthcare evaluations and reminders and assistance getting involved within the community. Each level of care is different, just like each resident of the community. For more detailed information about the levels of care, you can reach out to the Deer Valley community or one of our other BridgeWater communities near Phoenix.

Financial Solutions

When you’re living at a BridgeWater Assisted Living community near Phoenix, you’ll have many financial options to assist you with paying for your living arrangements. One of those options comes just with choosing BridgeWater as your new home. BridgeWater Assisted Living was created in an effort to address the growing number of underserved fixed-income seniors. For those with more limited resources, BridgeWater is able to provide an upscale, modern living income-qualified option by using the federal tax credit program.

Another financial solution that BridgeWater offers its residents is the option to use veteran’s benefits to help cover the costs of their living expenses. This option is available for both veterans and their spouses who meet the requirements. It can provide over $2,000 a month to qualified applicants and is a great option.

For residents or potential residents looking into financial solutions to help pay for their stay, BridgeWater provides a community benefits advocate. The person in this position can help you through not only the application process for veteran’s benefits, but also for Medicaid and ALTCS as well. Figuring out how you’ll afford assisted living is made much easier with the help of knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Variety of Amenities

Assisted living communities near Phoenix have much to offer residents. One of the ways that community members’ lives are made easier while living at BridgeWater is through the large variety of amenities that are offered. Everything from day-to-day chores to entertainment and dining is taken into account at BridgeWater communities to ensure that residents are always having a positive experience.

The entertainment options at BridgeWater will keep residents on their toes and readily involved within the community. Activities such as catching a movie at the community movie theatre allow residents to come together while enjoying an old classic or a new film. The happy hour bar is a fun weekday gathering to enjoy with friends or family, and the community library can be a quiet option for book lovers and avid readers.

BridgeWater provides other worthwhile amenities to residents, such as housekeeping services. Getting rid of the day-to-day tidying up can be a great relief to residents and helps them to avoid injuries that often come with such work. Residents are also able to enjoy the services of the community beauty salon, which helps residents to both look and feel their best, and can enjoy all of their chef-prepared meals in a community dining area.

High-Quality Care

One of the most important aspects of a good assisted living community is the quality of care that they uphold. At BridgeWater, resident health and safety are top priority. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that residents receive the best possible care. Our staff is made up of qualified and certified individuals who treat residents the same way they would their own families.

BridgeWater provides high-quality care by making sure that every apartment within a community is equipped with state-of-the-art nurse-call technology, which allows our staff to deliver better care based on specific data from each resident. This technology maintains privacy and is non-invasive while monitoring the habits of residents and alerting staff when a big change occurs. It allows staff to help residents avoid potential injuries and is a great asset to the BridgeWater communities.

If you’re still wondering what to expect from an assisted living community in Phoenix, visiting a community in-person may be helpful. Potential residents are welcome to take a tour of any of our communities to get a feel of their potential home and ensure it’s a good fit for their personal and physical needs. Contact the BridgeWater staff today to schedule a tour.