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3 Fall Activities for Seniors Living in Peoria AZ

Whether you’re looking forward to winter or bummed that the summer has passed, there are some great things to do and see in Peoria, Arizona.

Whether you’re looking forward to winter or bummed that the summer has passed, there are some great things to do and see in Peoria, Arizona. Peoria is a suburb of Phoenix, and you can expect plenty of events happening in and around the city. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting a friend in Peoria or if you’re enjoying senior living at the Mission at Agua Fria, there is plenty to see and do that is autumn-themed.

1. Butterfly Wonderland

For those not so pleased about summer’s passing, here’s a way to hide from cooler temperatures a little longer. This is America’s largest butterfly pavilion, which includes a state-of-the-art conservatory filled with 3,000 flying butterflies. There are other exhibits to see as well, including ones about stingrays and sharks, Tropical Waters of the World, a Honey Bee Extravaganza, and Rainforest Reptiles. Make sure to reserve your ticket online ahead of time in order to provide for social distancing in the venue.

2. The Desert Botanical Gardens

If you enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to hike in the heat to find it, this is a great place to enjoy the cooler weather. Winding paths will lead you on tours of the world’s most extensive collection of arid plants. Marvel at the towering saguaro and the smallest flowers together, as well as the current art exhibit. Exhibits change regularly, so be sure to check the website to see what’s happening during your visit. No matter what day you visit, be prepared to be dazzled by the thousands of desert plants on display—over 50,000! There’s plenty to see as you wander the trails.

3. Visit the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts

This November and December, the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA) is the venue for A Curiouser Nutcracker, a creative take on the classic holiday story. The PCPA combines the beloved worlds of Alice and Wonderland and The Nutcracker into one interactive and multi-sensory experience that breaks down the fourth wall. Follow the white rabbit … er … Sugarplum Fairy into your imagination.

Performances cater to up to 12 audience members per show, and attending with a group of friends or family is encouraged. Many shows and smaller audiences allow for social distancing safety protocols to be followed while giving audience members the opportunity to be immersed in live theater and enter the worlds of Alice and Clara.

If you or your loved one are researching senior living in Peoria, Arizona, choose the Mission at Agua Fria for compassionate and comprehensive assisted living and memory care services. Our brand-new building is located near the intersection of West Olive Avenue and North 107th in Peoria. Some of our amenities include scheduled outings to seasonal events, and we’d love to hear your suggestions if you have someplace you’d like to be.