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5 Reasons to Love Deer Valley for Assisted Living in North Phoenix

When our senior loved ones reach a point when they need help with daily living tasks, it may be time to consider moving them to an assisted living community. Assisted living communities offer seniors the independence we all crave, with the safety and security of 24-hour access to help as needed.

When basic everyday living tasks are too difficult, like cooking meals or getting dressed, or when help with basic hygiene tasks like showering or cleaning the home is needed, moving to an assisted living community can be a good solution. For those looking for a high-end assisted living community at a cost-effective price, consider BridgeWater Assisted Living in north Phoenix as your loved one’s new home.

1. Amenities

Providing wellness activities that are both engaging and effective is important for the well-being of residents at an assisted living community. When residents participate, they tend to feel healthier and are able to live more independently. It’s important that there’s a motivating culture within the community to help residents want to join in and participate. At BridgeWater Assisted Living at Deer Valley in north Phoenix, we know how important it is for our residents to remain independent so they can live their lives doing what they love while having the comfort of round-the-clock access to help as needed.

We offer different events and activities to choose from that are designed to be engaging and help stimulate the mind and body. Residents can pick what they like to do to stay active both mentally and physically, whether it’s taking a class, playing games, or joining an exercise group. We provide an on-site wellness center for residents to use to stay active as well. In our community dining room, we provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all prepared by chefs with both taste and nutrition in mind. Special holiday menus and social events in the dining room help keep residents well-nourished while providing a sense of community and social engagement.

We also offer housekeeping services and provide transportation to doctors’ appointments or for shopping and other outings. If residents want to enjoy the comfort of staying on-site, they can enjoy a movie in our movie theatre, get pampered at our beauty salon, grab a coffee with a friend at our coffee bistro, or grab a book at our library and read it outside in the courtyard. Each resident chooses what they do with their time.

2. Resident-Centered Care

Residents all have different needs when moving to BridgeWater Assisted Living. Seniors can move in as retirees and feel at home in our independent living community and then have the ability to transition to our assisted living or our memory care communities as different needs arise. We provide the ability to customize services in order to meet each individual’s specific needs. Our independent living community provides resort-style living with a variety of amenities to choose from, such as weekly housekeeping and chef-prepared meals.

We also offer assisted living services for when independent living becomes more difficult and assistance with daily tasks is required. We’ll meet the level of care and services you need, such as assistance with medications, daily hygiene, transportation, and other help as needed.

For those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we offer memory care. We understand the anxiety that comes with having a loved one battling with memory loss. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we use an activities program called Equilibrium for all residents, which promotes a proactive approach for those suffering from cognitive decline. To help keep residents engaged and their minds active, we use art, music, and mindfulness, which helps maintain a positive environment while providing cognitive stimulation. This helps keep residents healthy and can decrease depression and anxiety and help prevent wandering.

3. Levels of Assisted Living Care Available

Every resident at BridgeWater Assisted Living in north Phoenix is an individual with specific needs that we’re here to meet. There are four levels of assisted living care to choose from, based on how independent each resident is able to be each day.

Level 1 offers residents the most independent living style, where the resident can complete daily tasks on their own without supervision. Level 2 offers residents some supervision with the ability to assist the resident as needed. Assistance with medication is offered twice a day. Level 3 provides assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and basic hygiene. Staff will help residents attend daily activities and provide assistance with medications three times a day instead of two. Level 4 offers residents the same as Level 3 but adds additional bathing sessions and medication management.

In today’s technological world, we offer a 24-hour health-monitoring system that allows residents to maintain their independence while sensors are able to monitor patterns in daily living that could indicate help may be needed.

4. Financial Solutions

There is no question that assisted living can be costly. At BridgeWater, we offer income-qualified financial assistance. Our community benefits advocate can help guide you through the qualifying process and assist with paperwork as needed. We are also Medicaid-certified, which means we can receive payment for long-term care from the Arizona Long-Term Care System. Veterans may be able to pay for assisted living using their VA pension benefits. Our staff can provide helpful resources so you can find out more information.

5. Rent Controlled

At BridgeWater Assisted Living in north Phoenix, you’ll find apartment rents and care rates are kept at a reasonable cost for all levels of care. There are no extra community fees and no deposits required. We provide upscale housing for seniors who are on a fixed income. Using the tax credit program, we are able to provide Arizona seniors with a place to call home.