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Does the VA Help with Assisted Living?

As the brave men and women who fought for our country advance in age, they begin to need more assistance in their everyday lives. Normal day-to-day activities become harder as you get older, and it’s normal for people to begin to need assistance.

Assisted living communities are great options for those people who need some extra help, but coming up with the funds to pay for it can be discouraging to them. Veterans who are entering this season of their lives may wonder if the VA can help with assisted living costs.

While the VA doesn’t cover the complete costs of assisted living, there are a few options that they provide that can definitely help with the costs and make it a more affordable option for them. The VA offers pension benefits and programs to select veterans and their spouses who qualify. BridgeWater Assisted Living is proud to accept such benefits to help you enjoy all that we have to offer. With the option of three amazing communities to choose from, veterans can enter their ideal environment and receive the help that they deserve.

What benefits are offered?

If you or a loved one is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for VA benefits. This program is for veterans who don’t have financial resources to pay for their care, and it’s made possible by the Department of Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Pension benefit. Upon qualifying for the program, veterans can use the benefits toward a community that works for them (like BridgeWater).

When you qualify for the VA benefit, a single veteran will receive up to $1,881 monthly to help cover the costs of assisted living. That number climbs to up to $2,230 for veterans and their surviving spouses to both enter into assisted living should they need to. There is even an option for surviving spouses alone to benefit, which includes up to $1,209 monthly. This benefit can put assisted living within financial reach to a wide variety of veterans, proving to be a real asset to the veteran community.

How do I know if I qualify?

There are a few qualifications that need to be met in order to receive the VA benefits. One of the best ways to start is by checking out the reasons you may not qualify, like a dishonorable discharge or if you brought in too much income over the years. Age and disability status are also factors that get taken into account. Specific information about qualifications can be seen at the US Department of Veteran Affairs website. Veteran Service Organizations are another option that can be used to verify if you qualify for the benefits, while also offering you the opportunity to file a VA pension claim free of charge.

Is there assistance with this process?

With so much importance placed on receiving these benefits, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, our team at BridgeWater Assisted Living can help you with the process. Our community benefits advocate can assist veterans with the process of acquiring VA benefits. They can help you find out if you qualify, gather important documents, and take you step-by-step through the application process. With this assistance, veterans can feel secure knowing that they have help should they need it.