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3 Gift Ideas for Patients in Memory Care Assisted Living

When we have a loved one who lives in memory care assisted living, it can be challenging in many unexpected ways.

When we have a loved one who lives in memory care assisted living, it can be challenging in many unexpected ways. One challenge that we don’t often think about is giving a gift to our loved ones who may suffer from dementia or other health issues that affect their cognitive function. Holidays and birthdays are a time to celebrate, and it can be hard to find appropriate gifts for our loved ones in memory care assisted living. The fear of buying a gift that may frustrate or upset our loved one who struggles with cognitive function can make gift-giving more complicated. The care team at the Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living offers some helpful gift ideas to make your celebrations more enjoyable for everyone:

1. Puzzles, Games, and Activity Books

It’s always a good idea to purchase gifts to match the cognitive abilities of your loved one. Buying a 1,000-piece puzzle for someone in memory care assisted living may not be a good idea, but if your loved one enjoys puzzles, consider purchasing puzzles that have fewer pieces that are larger in size. A quick internet search will lead you to a nice variety of puzzles designed specifically with dementia patients in mind. Living with dementia or memory issues can be limiting, but finding ways to incorporate the things they enjoy into their lives is the best gift of all. Items that stimulate their brain function can also help keep their cognitive function sharper for longer. Board games can be a great way to spend time with your loved one or encourage them to find others in their community to play with. Social interactions are a great way to stimulate brain function and stay in a positive frame of mind.

2. Music, Photo Albums, or Other Nostalgia

People who suffer from dementia often retain an ability to remember music, as that part of their brain function often goes unaffected. Music is a great mood enhancer, can bring joy to any occasion, and can help reduce anxiety and depression. A great gift idea is to download their favorite music onto an MP3 player for them to enjoy. Have a dance party! Photo albums are also a great way to reminisce with your loved one while paging through photos with them. This can be a great way to help stimulate memories and enjoy stories from the past.

3. Blankets, Stuffed Animals, and Other Comfort Items

Some people with dementia often feel colder than normal. Having a cozy blanket to snuggle and keep themselves warm with can be very comforting and reassuring. Other comfort items can be a great idea as well, like a stuffed animal or doll to cuddle when feeling insecure. Dolls that have recording devices inside that can capture your voice can be a lovely gift idea, as they can hear you say, “I love you,” or other various recordings of your choosing. If you are looking for a memory care team you can trust, please reach out to the memory care experts at the Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living today.