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What Is Next After Assisted Living?

If you or your loved one lives in an assisted living community in Arizona, you may have wondered whether there are “next steps” should you need more care. 

It’s possible that other age-related concerns may arise. For instance, you may develop a memory or cognition problem, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. You may have a stroke or develop pneumonia or another illness that is difficult to overcome. What happens when assisted living just isn’t enough care for you anymore?

The good news is that there are next steps after assisted living in Arizona, and you have options so you can find the care that fits your needs. Read on for some senior housing options to consider should you need something beyond an assisted living community.

Memory Care

Memory care communities are designed to keep residents happy, comfortable, and safe. The best memory care communities, such as BridgeWater Assisted Living, are run by personnel and staff who specialize in the care of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. They understand that being affected by Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia can be frightening and can contribute to feelings of depression and helplessness. 

With the use of various activity and therapy programs, you won’t feel left behind. Through a combination of art, music, mindfulness, and cognitive therapies, programs like BridgeWater’s Equilibrium help keep your mind engaged and spirits high. All of these activities have been proven to keep older adults interested in the world around them and help them form bonds with others who perform this activity, such as in a choir or an art class.

Rehabilitative Service 

This is a more medical or hospital-like space with skilled nursing staff for situations where you have needs that require more diligent, hands-on attention from medical professionals. This would be a place where you could recover from an injury or illness with 24/7 licensed healthcare staff. 

The focus of this type of housing is to provide round-the-clock care for you while you recover from an illness like a stroke or a heart attack or an injury, such as those resulting from a fall. The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate you so you can move back into your regular housing.

Adult Family Home

Once you’ve recovered or completed your rehab or long-term medical stay, you may feel like you need more attention than if you were in an assisted living community. This could mean an adult family home is a good fit for you. 

These homes are licensed to care for a smaller number of people, sometimes as little as three to six. Social activities might be more limited in this option, but you’ll definitely receive a more personalized care plan and more 1:1 attention.

Age in Place

If you haven’t yet moved into assisted living in Arizona and have concerns about what comes next, You have another option. Many assisted living communities, including BridgeWater, offer customized levels of care specially tailored to your needs wherever you’re at. From assisted living to memory care to respite care, you can age in place without having to worry about moving too far.At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we aim to give you the highest-grade personalized care, which includes moving seamlessly to add or subtract options to your care plan as needed. Contact us today for a tour, and so we can answer your questions.