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3 Ideas for Furnishing Your Solterra Apartment

When moving to an assisted living or retirement community, your new apartment will likely be a smaller space than your previous home. How can you make a smaller space feel welcoming?

Assisted living communities like Solterra Senior Living provide individual apartments for residents so everyone has their own space to decorate.

Here are three ideas to furnish your Solterra apartment:

1. Downsizing

This may be one of the toughest things if you have a whole house of belongings to sort through. Moving to a senior apartment is an opportunity to focus on the pieces that are the most important to you. Be sure to take the time to consider which pieces give you joy and serve a purpose. If you have to get rid of that dresser you’ve loved for decades, maybe you don’t have to get rid of it completely. Do you know a friend or family member who needs a dresser?

Decluttering is key here as well. It’s great to have a whole shelf of books, but are you really going to reread all of them? The books you can part with can be donated to a local library (or even the library at your new community).

2. Add Plants

Not only do plants add a little splash of green, but they also make smaller spaces look more pleasant and lived-in. Houseplants purify the air, improve fatigue, and help with easing dry skin and respiratory ailments due to dry air.

Indoor gardening can be a breeze, even if you feel you may not have enough windowsill space. There are plenty of plant hanger options. You can suspend them from the ceiling, or larger plants can be placed on the floor. They don’t have to be big plants—succulents don’t grow very large but still need a little attention to keep them going. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of plants to be found that thrive on neglect, such as lucky bamboo, rubber plants, and snake plants.

3. Mirror Gallery

Hanging even one mirror on the wall gives an illusion of more space in a small apartment. A mirror can add a little sophistication and clean lines, and it’s an extremely versatile way to decorate. You can have one big mirror as a statement piece or a gallery wall made up of a lot of little ones, or spread those irregular little mirrors around the room.

Mirrors can also increase natural light in your space, which is especially important to make your home feel safe and warm. Pro tip: if you can place one of your plants next to or near your mirror, you can give the illusion of having more than one plant. If you don’t want plants in your apartment, you can also place the mirror directly across from your window to give the illusion of having more than one window. Another thing to consider is that mirrored accessories also add that touch of glamor, and mirrored tables or mirrored tea trays create contrast and interest.

Decorating your new space with Solterra Senior Living will be a fun experience—give us a call today to tour the property of your choice.