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3 Questions To Ask When Touring Senior Apartments In Peoria AZ

As we age, we often require assistance with daily tasks, especially if we require memory care.

As we age, we often require assistance with daily tasks, especially if we require memory care. However, needing assistance doesn’t mean we can’t thrive.  A great senior living community will not only offer help with the activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, and mobility, but it will also provide access to all of the things that give meaning to our lives, like excursions, social events, physical activities, and more. Many seniors choose to spend their retirement in beautiful Peoria, AZ, for the parks, open spaces, and vibrant arts community. Here are the top three questions you should ask if you are looking for senior apartments in Peoria, AZ, to ensure you or your loved ones will be getting the best of care:

1. What Level Of Assistance Is Offered?

No two people have the same needs, and that’s why it’s a good idea to look for a senior community that can adapt to each person’s individual requirements. For example, some seniors have no problems with getting dressed but require assistance preparing meals. Others will need help specifically with mobility, affecting things like getting dressed in the morning, bathing, and restroom use. As you tour senior apartments ask the staff what level of assistance they offer and what steps they take to adapt to an individual’s specific requirements. You should also inquire if the community will take personal history, care needs, and interests into account when designing the resident’s care plan.

2. What Are the Accommodations Like?

When touring senior apartments in Peoria, AZ, look for accommodations you truly love. You should also ask for as many details as you can about the community itself.  What are the rooms like? How much space is there? How much freedom do residents have to personalize their space? Do the apartments have reliable Wi-Fi access? What about phones and televisions? Also, make sure you look at the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Is there a stimulating environment for seniors to enjoy? What about access to nearby amenities? Is there a gym on-site? What about a courtyard to enjoy a walk in?

3. What Type of Social Activities Are Offered?

The opportunity for socialization is an incredibly important part of any senior’s day-to-day life. Every senior living community should have plenty of activities available for the residents to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Many senior citizens love playing games with one another; is there a game room on-site? What about a theater? You or your loved one may enjoy relaxing and unwinding while watching a movie or television program. The best senior living apartments in the Peoria area, like the Mission at Agua Fria, will have not just one but many great social activities for their residents to take advantage of! Make sure you are asking the right questions and looking at every aspect of each senior living community to make sure they are the right fit for you or your loved one. If you are looking in Peoria, AZ, make sure to contact us to schedule a tour of our community.