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What Are the Benefits of Medical Alert for Seniors?

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

That famous catchphrase from a 1989 commercial for LifeCall quickly became a running joke in standup routines, sitcoms, and even Gary Larson’s famous Far Side cartoon. Though the line may have become a punchline, the situation it portrayed—a woman unable to get herself to safety after a fall—is an example of a very real risk to seniors. 

The importance of medical alert systems for seniors cannot be underestimated, and BridgeWater’s state-of-the-art CarePredict system may be the ideal safety solution for elderly people and the families who love them.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Growing older is an inevitable outcome for all of us. While enjoying retirement in our golden years can be a wonderful time of life, it doesn’t come without risk. Aches and pains become more frequent as the body ages, and it becomes harder to do the things we took for granted in our younger years. Slowing down and becoming more vulnerable to injury or illness is an unavoidable consequence of aging.

We all want to be kept safe and sound, and if we have elderly parents or relatives, we want them to be kept safe and sound too. Lying on the floor, truly unable to get up and unsure when or if someone will find us, is a terrifying thought, not only for us but for our beloved senior family members.

Sometimes, to ensure safety, you may feel you need to sacrifice independence. Living under the continuous watch of medical staff in a hospital might be a safe life, but it would feel restrictive and confining as well. On the other hand, living independently is liberating and wonderful but carries risks that something could happen while alone.

Medical alert systems like CarePredict offer a perfect blend of security and independence. Whether living in an assisted living community or at home, medical alert solutions give seniors the confidence that, even if something unexpected occurs, they will be quickly rescued and cared for—while still enjoying the complete freedom to live on their own.

Why CarePredict Might Be the Medical Alert for Seniors You Need

Getting help once you’ve fallen is a relief, but what if you could reduce the risk of falling in the first place? As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

CarePredict is a revolutionary medical alert system used in communities like BridgeWater Assisted Living and has been proven to reduce the risk of medical emergencies. By tracking behavior patterns and using biosensors, CarePredict can accurately identify potential health and safety issues before they become problems.

For instance, if a senior typically gets up from sitting in 15 seconds but is now taking longer than a minute to do so, CarePredict can notify community staff that this resident may be at heightened risk of falling. With this advance notice, staff can address the issue before an injury occurs. Communities using CarePredict see almost 70 percent fewer falls than communities without it. More than just a button to push if you fall, CarePredict is among the best and most advanced technology of them all. If you are interested in moving a loved one (or yourself) to an assisted living community equipped with CarePredict, contact BridgeWater Assisted Living today.