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3 Reasons to Choose Solterra Chandler Memory Care

As our loved ones age, the need for help in caring for them often increases. Those suffering from memory loss or cognitive decline will require extra care that may be too much for family members to tackle alone.

You may find yourself wondering how to go about finding the best place to help care for your loved ones who are suffering from memory loss or dementia. What questions do you ask as you search for the right community to care for your loved ones? Are certain amenities more effective than others when researching potential memory care homes? Here at Solterra Senior Living, we offer the best in memory care at our Chandler memory care community.

Compassionate and Caring Caregivers

A compassionate team of caregivers at a memory care community can significantly help your loved ones maintain their quality of life. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are known to be progressive, meaning the condition worsens over time. By offering around-the-clock personalized care, the normal deterioration that comes with dementia can be slowed.

The level of care provided by Solterra at Chandler memory care can help your loved ones maintain a positive quality of life that may be much more challenging to achieve with at-home care. Our caregivers specialize in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and have an in-depth understanding of the process and the specialized physical and emotional needs that arise with cognitive impairments.

Personalized Care

With memory loss comes confusion and fear of the unfamiliar. At the Chandler memory care community, our caregivers are able to provide personalized caregiving. Our team members learn their residents’ personal stories, which makes them able to hold conversations without the struggle of interpretation.

By using techniques to validate your loved one’s current reality, it helps create a safe space where they can feel secure in their environment. Residents are also encouraged to bring their own keepsakes and familiar furniture to furnish their residences in order to bring a sense of comfort and home.

Amenities and Security

At Solterra Senior Living, we offer a safe and secure environment for your loved ones to call home. With a private apartment that can be furnished with familiar items that you provide, your loved one can feel right at home. We offer assistance with medication management and personal hygiene, where we help with bathing and dressing tasks.

An organized and clean home environment can help reduce stress and confusion. We provide weekly housekeeping services to help with each apartment’s upkeep. To help keep your loved ones entertained and maintain cognitive functions, we offer specialized activities that are geared toward memory loss and dementia. Many Alzheimer’s patients have a tendency to wander, and that can be a concern when searching for the right memory care community. We offer secured areas where your loved ones can get fresh air and be safe from wandering or becoming lost. For more information, contact us at Solterra Senior Living.