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3 Things to Love About Living in Phoenix

When choosing an assisted living home, location can be an important factor. Not only do you want to be close to your friends and family, but you also want to be in an area that isn’t isolated.

And if you’re in one of our independent living homes, you want as much freedom as you used to have. You want the ability to go out and about the town, shopping, to restaurants, to museums, and so forth. This is why, at Bridgewater Assisted Living, we are proud to be located in the Phoenix area, as we can ensure there is plenty for you to do both on and off our campus.

Here are three things to love about living in Phoenix.

The Great Outdoors

The landscape of Phoenix is meant to be explored and enjoyed. There is something for everyone—whether you’re still more active or not. Phoenix is situated in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by mountains, and has the Salt River that runs through the heart of the city. It has a variety of nature for everyone to enjoy. There are plenty of opportunities to go walking, biking, or hiking, or simply sit outside and enjoy the view.

There are about nine months of great weather (over 200 sunny days a year and 80 partly sunny days a year), so the weather is another reason to get outside and enjoy. Plus, Phoenix sunsets are gorgeous, as there aren’t a lot of tall buildings blocking the view. There’s a great chance you’ll even get to see a cotton-candy-colored sky.

Arts and Culture

Phoenix has a robust arts and culture environment for you to immerse yourself in. There is the Heard Museum, where you can learn about the union of Hispanic and Native American cultures of the area. The Phoenix Art Museum hosts both contemporary and classic artworks from around the world. There’s also cool street art that can be found around the city.

In addition to museums and artwork, there are shopping districts, events, festivals, and fairs that take place throughout the year. Plus, for those who enjoy sports, Phoenix is not only home to four major professional sports teams, but also hosts golf tournaments and auto races as well.

Restaurants and Cafes

Coffee is huge in Phoenix, with the city having cafes that are both posh or more modern smaller nooks, and most of the coffee is roasted locally. In terms of restaurants, there’s a wide array of spots boasting unique food. Mexican restaurants are especially popular, as they’re authentic. Phoenix is also a health-conscious city, meaning that vegan and gluten-free food options can be found easily at most restaurants.

As you can see, living in Phoenix won’t leave you bored. Are you looking to make the move to Phoenix? We encourage you to do so! There are so many things for you to love about living in Phoenix. Contact us about taking a tour of one of our BridgeWater communities today.