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3 Reasons to Choose White Mountains Arizona Memory Care

As we age, we become more dependent on our loved ones for help.

As we age, we become more dependent on our loved ones for help. Things that used to come easily to us now may be more difficult to do on our own. Daily tasks, such as taking a shower, preparing meals, or dressing, are now chores that may be too difficult to do without someone helping us. As a caregiver of a senior loved one who may require your assistance, you may be faced with making some big decisions about when it’s best to move your loved one into assisted living for around-the-clock care.

Especially when our loved one is diagnosed with a memory-affecting disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it can be vital to find a suitable new home for your loved one that can accommodate the needs of someone who is suffering from these memory issues. Solterra Senior Living offers residents of Arizona memory care at their White Mountains location. There are many great reasons to choose White Mountains as your loved one’s new home.

1. Spacious Apartment Living

The first thing you’ll notice when you tour Solterra Senior Living’s White Mountains location is the beautiful private apartments available for each resident. We offer spacious studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments that can be decorated to each resident’s liking.

When your loved one is adjusting to their new home, it can really help to bring pictures of family to hang on the walls and their favorite blankets, curtains, and so forth to jazz up their new home and make it feel familiar and comfortable. Having their own private space to call home and decorate according to their tastes goes a long way toward making the transition easier and helps your loved one settle in more quickly.

2. 24 Hour a Day Access to Care Staff

One of the biggest concerns when caring for aging loved ones who have dementia or Alzheimer’s is their safety. Caregivers can only provide so much care for their senior loved ones while maintaining a life of their own. It can be exhausting splitting your time between helping your loved one in need and caring for yourself and your other loved ones as well.

Arizona memory care at White Mountains can give caregivers some peace of mind by offering 24-hour emergency care for all residents. Knowing that your loved one is safe can provide that breath of fresh air that is so desperately needed at this stage of caregiving, when your loved one is no longer safe on their own due to ongoing memory issues.

3. Amenities and Services

While living at White Mountains, residents will have their pick of various daily activities to stay active and social. Residents can choose to eat restaurant-style and enjoy chef-prepared meals on-site. There is a beauty salon on-site as well as a library for those who love to read. There’s always some activity to join if they so choose. Housekeeping is offered to help maintain each resident’s private apartment without the difficulty of having to clean it themselves. Transportation is available to enjoy off-site activities as well.

To set up a tour at Solterra Senior Living White Mountains memory care, contact us today.