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Is Maricopa County a Good Place for Seniors to Live?

If you’ve never lived in the Phoenix area before, you may be wondering, “Is Maricopa County a good place to live?” Even if you have spent some time in Phoenix, you may be wondering if it’s a good place for senior living. Our residents at BridgeWater Assisted Living certainly think so. Here are a few reasons they’ve decided to call Maricopa County home.

Culture & Entertainment

If you’re looking to live it up in your senior years, Maricopa County is the place to do it. The county seat is Phoenix, and this popular destination spot offers plenty to see and do. If you have an appreciation for arts and culture, you can take a stroll through the Phoenix Art Museum or attend a ballet or opera performance. Both Ballet Arizona and Arizona Opera provide senior discounts.

If you’re someone who prefers to go to a sporting event instead, Maricopa County offers them year-round. From NASCAR to the PGA Tour to college football, Phoenix is a popular host city for all types of major sporting events.

Phoenix also has teams in all four major professional sports leagues. Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, MLB, NHL, or NFL, you can cheer on your favorite team from home field.

Climate & Greenspace

One of the big draws of Maricopa County is the great weather we have here. On average, we get more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Life here is almost always bright and sunny.

With such great weather year-round, Maricopa County is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. If you want to stay active in your senior years, you can choose from an array of recreational activities to help you stay fit and busy. Visit gardens, parks, zoos, or the lakes in the surrounding area.
Maricopa County is also home to one of the largest regional park systems in the country. We have more than 120,000 acres of open space.

And if you like to golf, you can tee up on one of our nearly 200 golf courses. In fact, Greater Phoenix is one of the nation’s top golf destinations. So when you choose to spend your senior living years here, you can challenge yourself to a number of our impressive golf courses.

Growing Community

The secret is out about Maricopa County. We have a growing community here because many people are recognizing its appeal. Maricopa is the fastest-growing county in the country, with more than 81,000 people coming here between July 2017 and 2018. Maricopa is also one of the largest counties in the United States in terms of population.

With so many other people moving to Maricopa County, you’re likely to meet like-minded people here—other seniors who enjoy socializing and want to make the most of their retirement years too.

So if you want to stay active in retirement, be around others who have similar interests, and live in a place with a great climate, you should seriously consider calling Maricopa County home. BridgeWater Assisted Living has three locations conveniently located in the area so you can choose to reside near the attractions that interest you most.