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3 Things You Need to Know About GreatCall Technology

When looking for an assisted-living facility, there are many factors that may go into your decision.

When looking for an assisted-living facility, there are many factors that may go into your decision. You’ll want to see if the facilities offer certain advantages. One of the things that sets Solterra Assisted Living apart is our use of the revolutionary GreatCall Technology. We provide this to all of our residents free of charge. This technology has numerous benefits for seniors. Read on to find about more about GreatCall Technology.

1. Easy to use

Some hear “technology” and instantly worry about how complicated it will be to learn. When it’s something as important as your health, you don’t want to worry about complex instructions or a million little steps. Fortunately, GreatCall Technology is as easy as pressing a button. This is especially great when you need an urgent response. The 5Star Urgent Response service makes sure someone is there to help anytime, 24/7. There’s also a special GreatCall Link service, which makes it easy to connect with loved ones.

2. Makes an assisted living facility better

The ways in which GreatCall Technology benefits a facility also benefits patients. Its low cost is why Solterra can afford to give this technology to each patient for free. And it can reduce administrative costs so that money can be used elsewhere.

Careful monitoring enables staff to address health issues as quickly as possible. The close monitoring, including automatic fall detection and 24/7 urgent response, makes it easier for staff to completely focus on their jobs.

GreatCall Technology is also customizable for each patient’s specific needs, so staff will know the best ways to help each individual.

3. Optimizes independence while still keeping residents healthy and safe

One of the reasons people are hesitant to enter an assisted-living facility is because they’re afraid of losing their freedom. But GreatCall Technology helps relieve this fear. This is part of our ultimate goal at Solterra Assisted Living, which is to give residents the greatest quality of life.

Residents are still able to keep their privacy and discretion while being monitored. And they’ll be much more relaxed knowing that urgent response is available in case anything does go wrong. The faster the response, the less downtime needed for recovery. So it’ll be easier to get back to being active as soon as possible. And there will likely be results. GreatCall Technology can help reduce the number of accidents overall.

One of the GreatCall services is MedCoach, which will also help with independence because residents won’t have to rely on someone else to make sure they take and refill their medication.

This technology, together with all the ways Soterra Assisted Living promotes activities, social opportunities, and events, will make sure residents stay happy, engaged, and independent.

GreatCall Technology is yet another way Solterra offers the best quality of life possible. If you’re interested in Solterra for either yourself or a loved one, you can find more information on our website. You can also take a tour of one of our facilities or contact us with any questions.