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3 Tips for Enrolling in Medicaid in 2020

Are you or a loved one looking into applying for Medicaid? Maybe you’ve heard that applications are occasionally denied so you want to make sure you do it correctly.

BridgeWater Assisted Living is an upscale community that’s also a Medicaid-certified community. We provide an affordable option for senior assisted living and are knowledgeable about the process of enrolling in Medicaid.

After seeing so many people curious about enrolling in Medicaid, at BridgeWater, we want to help you learn more about how to apply and want you to know that we’re here to help with the process if you need it. Here are a few tips that can help you to enroll in Medicaid.

Important Personal Documents

One of the more common reasons people are denied Medicaid is because they can’t properly prove they need it. To successfully apply for Medicaid, you should make sure to have all the necessary documents together the first time you apply.

The necessary documents include, but are not limited to, items such as a birth certificate or driver’s license, documentation of assets, medical records, and proof of citizenship. When you apply, you’ll need to research the documentation you need and have it together with you.

If you fail to provide the necessary documents, your application may be denied, or they’ll ask you to provide the information as soon as possible to have your application reconsidered. That’s why you’re going to want to know beforehand. If you’d like to find out what documents you’re going to need, check out, or if you live at Bridgewater or are considering it, contact us.

Application Options

When it comes to applying for Medicaid, you have a couple of different options to choose from:

  • Online application—If leaving the house is inconvenient for you, know that you don’t have to when applying for Medicaid. You can apply for and submit an application from the comfort of your own home by applying online. To do so, you need to use the Health-e-Arizona Plus application.
  • Paper application—You can fill out a paper application and send copies of your documents through the mail. Download the application from the internet, print it out, and send it through the mail.

You can also call your local Medicaid office and request that they email you an application. Once filled out, you can choose to send that application through the mail, or you can go to your local office to return it.

Use Your Resources

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. BridgeWater Assisted Living is proud to be an affordable option assisted-living facility, but we’re even more proud that we have the resources to help you enroll in Medicaid. If you have questions about the application process, we have a Community Benefits Advocate on call to answer your questions and get you started.

There are other great resources too, including the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). They help seniors with disabilities to both qualify for and find a high-quality and affordable care option. Their representatives can help you complete the application process, as well as answer any questions you may have.

With these three tips, enrolling for Medicaid can be a quick and painless process. It’ll put you on the path to being able to afford an assisted living community like BridgeWater Assisted Living, where all of your needs can be met while you maintain your independence.