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How Do I Get Assisted Living Financial Assistance for Veterans?

It’s not always easy for veterans and surviving spouses to get the resources they need to pay for daily care.

It’s not always easy for veterans and surviving spouses to get the resources they need to pay for daily care. But at Solterra Senior Living, we’re happy to accept the Aid and Attendance (A&A) pension benefit to help you pay for your assisted living facility. If you’re a veteran or spouse looking forward to staying at Solterra or another senior facility, you’re going to want to figure out if you qualify.

So how do you do it? We not only want you to feel comfortable at Solterra, but we also care that you get the assisted living financial assistance you deserve. Here’s how you can go about applying and qualifying for A&A, as well as information about what you will get if you’re accepted.

Who is eligible?

As long as you meet the right requirements, you’ll find that receiving A&A is easier than you thought. According to Veteran Aid, “Veterans who served on active duty for at least 90 consecutive days, including at least one full day during a time of war, may be eligible for Aid and Attendance if they also qualify for the basic Veterans Pension and meet the clinical and financial requirements.” Combat zone service is not a requirement, and widowed spouses may also apply as long as they haven’t remarried.

There are specific wartime dates that the VA uses to decide on who is eligible for A&A benefits. For a list of those dates and wars, go to the VA website. There are also factors like age, income, and disability that may need to be met. Though the guidelines may seem intimidating, your eligibility is ultimately decided by the VA, and after a quick read-through of all the requirements, you’ll have a good idea of how qualified you are.

How do you get it?

The first thing you should do when applying for A&A is to figure out which documents you need to send to the VA. Things like proof of assets, proof of insurance, and a copy of your Social Security award letter, as well as your DD-214 military discharge papers, may be required documentation for your application.

Once you’ve gathered that information, you’ll need to completely fill out an application form, which may take some time. And when you have your required documents and application, you can send your paperwork to the VA. Having all of your required paperwork sent in with your application will help you get a response as soon as possible.

What does it include?

If you see the benefits of having A&A, you’ll see why it’s worth finding out if you qualify. This can help make the financial burden of assisted living much less stressful. A single veteran that qualifies for A&A can receive up to $1,881 per month, a married vet up to $2,230, and a surviving spouse up to $1,209.

Solterra Senior Living wants veterans to get the money they deserve so that they can thrive in a place that puts their needs first. Assisted living financial assistance for veterans can be the key to a comfortable future, so go check if you apply.