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3 Ways to Take Advantage of the BridgeWater Wellness Center

Health and wellness are the cornerstones for enjoying the life you have been working toward after retirement. Depending on your stage of life, wellness can look different for each individual. No matter your age or activity level, there are many benefits to focusing on health to whatever extent you are able—whether you’re active and want to maintain this lifestyle or working on recovery and improved mobility or speech.

The BridgeWater wellness center is an on-site wellness and therapy center located within each of our senior living communities and is available for residents when they need it. Below are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of the wellness center so you can live well.

1. Focus on Recovery

The BridgeWater wellness center is well-equipped to address your individual needs. On-site, specialized physical therapists and equipment are available for your care.

Not only is the wellness and physical therapy center fully equipped to meet your needs, but it’s also fully accessible. Use the equipment to work on recovery or mobility when necessary. Do you need personal and specialized care? On-site therapists are ready to help. Utilize this special team to focus on getting better. Depending on your method of recovery, work with the center’s physical, occupational, or speech therapists.

Residents who take advantage of the on-site therapists and equipment can hope to regain the skills required for everyday activity. Whether you need to recover, improve, or maintain them, regular therapy will ensure you have these necessary skills for daily living.

2. Utilize In-Home Care

Do you require therapeutic care but are unable to access the on-site center? The BridgeWater wellness center offers in-home care. If you understand the benefits of physical therapy but aren’t in a position to regularly visit the center, take advantage of this in-home service.

You can meet with your physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist in the comfort of your own apartment. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to focus on recovery in a way that best suits your lifestyle and individual needs.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we care about supporting our residents’ desire to live the way they want and to make their own choices. We provide seniors with high-quality care combined with the services they want and need. Every senior should have a great retirement, so we use proactive technology to promote better health and safety, ensuring our residents live a better quality of life while offering peace of mind to their loved ones. Contact us today to learn about our communities or how you can take advantage of the BridgeWater wellness center.

3. Reduce Stress by Reducing Costs

Quality care and recovery can also be affordable. Many seniors are living on a fixed income or limited savings. With these limited resources, it can seem as if proper care is financially out of reach.

However, BridgeWater wellness center and senior living communities are designed to address this situation and offer affordable lifestyle options. Most healthcare providers will bill Medicaid and insurance directly. Additionally, a dedicated community benefits advocate works with you to help find potential aid programs and benefits. Less worry means more life so you can relax and focus on recovery.