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What Is ALTCS/Medicaid?

Big life changes are always hard.

Big life changes are always hard. There are many different things to consider when you are entering a new phase in life. When it comes time to move into an assisted living community, there are many worries, but one of the biggest concerns is cost. Paying out of pocket is expensive and many times an unmanageable expense, but that’s where long-term care insurance such as ALTCS/Medicaid comes in to help individuals. One cost calculator reports that the average monthly cost for assisted living in Arizona can range between $3,475 on the low end and $5,000 on the high end, which for many retirees is more than they can afford.

What Is ALTCS?

ALTCS—pronounced “All-Tecs”—is the Arizona Long-Term Care System insurance for individuals who are 65 and older who need a certain level of care. In addition to helping aged residents in need of long-term care, ALTCS/Medicaid will help Arizona residents who are disabled, blind, or have a developmental disability. ALTCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program that will provide long-term care funding to medically and financially eligible residents. Through this insurance, individuals who qualify will pay little to no cost for coverage.

What Is Covered?

When qualified individuals don’t have the resources available to them, Medicaid is one of the most common ways to pay for assisted living. ALTCS/Medicaid will cover medical services for qualified residents as well as other care-related services but does not cover room and board. Because costs are much higher, the income limits are also higher. Individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid due to receiving a higher income may be eligible for ALTCS/Medicaid. Besides medical care, ALTCS participants may receive coverage for:

  • Meal delivery
  • Limited dental care
  • Behavioral health care
  • Home health care
  • Respite care
  • Hospice care
  • Personal care/attendant care
  • Adult daycare
  • Community transition services
  • Home modifications
  • Homemaker services
  • Home nursing
  • Personal emergency response services
  • Medical supplies, specialized furniture, or durable medical equipment
  • Care coordination assistance
  • Transportation assistance for medical needs
  • Physician’s appointments

Application Process

The application process for ALTCS/Medicaid can take between 45 and 60 days to complete, so it will be helpful to have all personal information ready and available when you apply. The Arizona Long-Term Care System application process can be done over the phone and is available in all counties of the state. You can either reach out to your local ALTCS/Medicaid office or contact 1-888-621-6880 to apply. Another individual can act on behalf of the person applying if they are in need of assistance during the application process.

Transitioning into long-term care is a big step and oftentimes overwhelming in many ways, but our experienced and caring team at Solterra is ready to help every step of the way. We are committed to making a long-term difference in our residents’ lives and in all of our assisted living communities throughout Arizona. If you have any questions about what financial options are available to you, give us a call. We’re happy to help you and look forward to meeting you.