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4 Talking Points to Help Elderly Parents Consider Assisted Living

Ever heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? It’s an expression that embodies how most people feel about change. Familiarity is comfortable while change is never easy. Many times, people are content to stay with what they know rather than venture into the unknown.

It could be one of many reasons your parent or loved one is feeling apprehensive about moving into an assisted living center. They’re worried about leaving their homes or changing their lifestyles. But our team at BridgeWater Assisted Living has seen that change can be a good thing. Here are four talking points that could help clear up any misconceptions your parent has about assisted living.

1. Assistance

One of the best ways to start a conversation about assisted living is to ask what your parent thinks of the idea. They may be concerned about the prospect of giving up an independent lifestyle, for instance. Explain to them that assisted living isn’t about giving up independence. It’s about getting help where it’s needed, and that can be a good thing.

For example, we provide transportation, weekly housekeeping services, and daily chef-prepared meals. Your parent will no longer have to spend time cooking and cleaning. Instead, they can spend time doing what they enjoy most, whether that is relaxing with a good book or hitting the links to play some golf. We provide help with the mundane things so your loved one can live life to its fullest.

2. Community

When your parent decides to reside at an assisted living center, they will be surrounded by like-minded people. Residents who stay with us have as full a social schedule as they want with our offsite social excursions and onsite recreational activities. These offerings are the perfect way to get to know your new neighbors and have a real sense of community. With social activities, happy hours, and regularly scheduled outings, you’ll have plenty to see and do here at BridgeWater.

3. Lifestyle

Sometimes, our loved ones are hesitant to consider assisted living because they don’t know exactly what to expect. Explain to your parent that BridgeWater provides resort-style living in a safe, secure community environment. They can take a walk in our outdoor garden courtyard or simply lounge in our beautiful common areas.

Your parent can also enjoy all the personal touches of home. We encourage our residents to furnish their individual apartments with all their favorite belongings. When staying at BridgeWater, you can have access to modern-day conveniences while still holding on to all the comforts of home.

4. Around-the-Clock Care

Assisted living also provides peace of mind. If your parent has a medical emergency, for instance, we provide around-the-clock care. We also use proactive technology that enables our residents to experience better health and safety outcomes, as well as an improved overall quality of life. You can learn more about our revolutionary health management system here.

Sometimes explaining assisted living to a parent means simply clearing up any misconceptions about what it means to live in an assisted living community. It can be hard to adjust to change initially, but it can also be a fun and exciting time.

If you’ve already talked to your parent about assisted living and they have more questions or concerns, allow us to address them firsthand. We encourage you to schedule an in-person visit with us. Simply give us a call, and our community benefits advocate will schedule an onsite tour at your convenience.