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What to Expect from Memory Care Near Me

If your loved one is struggling with a disease that causes memory loss, you may be looking into communities that can accommodate their ever-changing needs.

If your loved one is struggling with a disease that causes memory loss, you may be looking into communities that can accommodate their ever-changing needs. Taking care of individuals suffering from memory loss is a skill that requires specific training as well as an environment that is tailored to their needs. Communities like Solterra Senior Living have specific memory care sections that specialize in this type of care and can help your loved one to thrive despite their condition.

Finding the right memory care near you is made easier when you know what qualities to look for. Here are a few things you can expect from a good memory care community near you.

Safe Living Environment

Having safe living arrangements is one of the most important aspects of a good memory care community. To ensure that memory care residents remain safe at all times, Solterra Senior Living memory care communities implement safety standards within each community. One of these standards is having the memory care residents live in a specific area with private apartments. We also give them access to a garden courtyard that is completely secured.

Solterra Senior Living has 24-hour emergency response monitoring so that help is never too far away and a variety of assistance programs so that memory care patients aren’t responsible for things they’re unable to manage. Options like medication management and dressing and grooming assistance are just a few of the daily tasks that our staff is able to assist them with.

Qualified and Compassionate Staff

At Solterra Senior Living communities, person-centered care is the highest priority. The caregivers in the memory care community are aware of each guest’s personal history, which allows them to converse more freely with the residents. The staff also uses proven validation techniques to help access each guest’s reality while nurturing a safe environment.

Along with being compassionate staff members, the memory care team is also highly qualified. With dementia care requiring such expertise, caregivers are trained specifically to understand the emotional and physical distress that memory loss residents may be experiencing.

A Wide Range of Amenities

It’s important that memory care residents not only feel safe within their new living arrangements but that they also enjoy their community. Quality of life is just as important as therapy when it comes to memory loss, which is why Solterra Senior Living works so hard to ensure that each resident is thriving within the community.

When it comes to memory loss residents, Solterra provides specifically designed activity programs that are both interesting to residents and helpful to their medical needs. The well-appointed community areas give residents the chance to socialize in a controlled environment without feeling the burden of potentially getting lost. Other amenities, such as weekly housekeeping, allow residents to enjoy more free time and release some of the housekeeping responsibilities they may be used to from their previous living arrangements.

You should expect a lot from the memory care community near you, and the right community will be able to exceed your expectations. For more information on the community options that Solterra Senior Living can provide, contact a community that feels right to you.