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4 Tips for Decorating Your Living Space in Chandler

The best thing about having your own space is the freedom of creativity to decorate it and make it yours.

The best thing about having your own space is the freedom of creativity to decorate it and make it yours. Adding something new, rearranging, or redoing your living space in Chandler can shake things up and get you in a different headspace.

For some, this could mean rearranging the living space to give it new dimensions and a new feel, while others might start adding some new accents to one’s decoration repertoire. Whatever decorating means to you, it should feel homey, comfortable, and safe.

Add a Little Green

In an arid region like Chandler, sometimes you grow accustomed to a limited palette of colors (think tan, beige, orange, brown, and light green). At home, however, you can create an oasis in the desert by adding some dark green, leafy plants to your living space, flowering buds, or anything that’s a little more forgiving, such as aloe vera, a rubber tree, or a spider plant. There are even various trickling-water accents, whether it’s a mini-fountain, a hanging piece, or even just recorded sounds of water and nature for a relaxed ambiance.

Bring Some of the Desert Inside

If you enjoy the desert-scape of the surrounding mountains in Chandler and Phoenix, such as the Superstition Mountains or South Mountain Park, decorating your home with local art, pottery, and pieces can not only support a local artist, but also bring in the feeling of the alluring desert. Whether you opt for painted mountains or photographed wildlife, adding bits of the local environment to your home can offer a whole other, deeper experience of place and feeling of home.

Art Makes the World Go Around

Speaking of art, whether it’s local, self-made, or a gift from a loved one, art can bring depth and intrigue to an otherwise normal abode. When we select art to put up in the home, there’s an unspoken implication: this piece of art on display speaks to us. While art doesn’t speak fully for us, it can communicate a bit about who we are, what we like, and how we feel about the art’s topic, theme, or stance. Using art to decorate your living space in Chandler can be a great way to surround yourself with beauty, thoughtfulness, and conversation starters.

Curtains and Shades for Days

Chandler, Arizona, is definitely a place where the sun shines strongly. Finding curtains, shades, or shutters that will keep the heat out—and the cool in—is an important part of setting up your living space. It’s not just about practicality, though, as there are curtains and shades that add a design element to the home and are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. Curtains and shades come in various designs and colors and really culminate in the feel of the room.

If you’re looking for a place to call home, look no further than Solterra Senior Living. Our Chandler location provides a great backdrop for decorating your new living space and making it uniquely your own.