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Residents Are Living Well in Solterra Communities

When the time comes to enter a senior living or assisted living community, some people have reservations.

No one wants their quality of life to decrease as they take this next step in life, and that’s why Solterra Senior Living puts so much emphasis on residents living well within their communities.

There are many things that go into living well within a new community. Spacious living arrangements, personalized care, and top-notch amenities are just a few of those things that ensure residents enjoy their time at Solterra Senior Living. With amazing licensed staff there to assist in the experience, residents are able to not only live well, but also truly thrive in their new environment.

Have you been considering entering a senior community that can better assist your needs? Everyone deserves a great retirement, and Solterra Senior Living is committed to making sure you get yours.

Here are a few ways that residents at Solterra Senior Living can live well in our communities.

Great Amenities

The residents who live at our Solterra Senior Living Communities can enjoy many great amenities. In addition to making sure our amenities are fun and enjoyable, there are also quite a few that make your daily chores and responsibilities easier. As a resident, you too will be able to enjoy what makes Solterra stand out from the rest.

An extensive activities program is one of the amenities that keep residents involved within the community. As you learn new skills and hobbies, you’re also able to enjoy socialization with other residents. Members can enjoy many entertainment amenities, such as the private library, the movie theatre, and the communities’ acceptance of small pets. While having fun with the entertainment options or taking a stroll at the beautiful courtyard area, the staff is able to complete daily tasks such as housekeeping and linen services so that when residents return to their rooms, they look as good as new.

Personalized Care

At Solterra Senior Living, we know that not everyone needs the same type of care. To help maintain each resident’s independence, the level of care needed is evaluated on a personal basis to ensure they receive as much or as little extra care as they need. While treating specific needs, the staff creates a home-like environment of respect and the opportunity to live well.

Solterra Senior Living offers a variety of care types and levels to suit members’ health needs. Options such as independent living, memory care, assisted living, and short-term care are all available through Solterra Senior Living. Though each person receives different kinds of attention, they are all similar in that person-centered care is at the forefront. The staff is made up of compassionate and licensed professionals who are committed to caring for residents as if they were their own family.

Variety of Communities

With a variety of community options to choose from, our residents are able to pick a location that both suits their physical needs and also sparks joy for them personally. Solterra Senior Living has not one but three amazing communities for residents to choose from. These communities vary in location, and they also offer different ways of living, making each one feel tailor-made for residents.

The three communities offered with Solterra Senior Living are Chandler, Tucson, and White Mountain, and they’re scattered throughout Arizona. Our Chandler location is located right outside of the state capital, Phoenix, making it a great option for residents who prefer to go out on the town every once in a while. With chauffeured transportation, residents feel safe going into the city knowing they don’t have to worry about transporting themselves.

The custom-designed villas at the Tucson location offer spacious suites that emphasize resident comfort. This location offers assisted living and memory care facilities, as well as a unique tranquility program. The White Mountain location offers a break from city life, as it’s located within a national forest. Offering hospice care, assisted living, memory care, and independent living, this location has a diverse group of residents and amenities that fit each one of their needs.

Each location offers a different way of life for residents to enjoy while maintaining an environment that allows you to fulfill all of your needs within the community. With beautiful outdoor courtyards, public areas, and specific amenities, each location thrives in its own way. Residents live well in their communities, which is partly due to the option to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Financial Assistance

When trying to find the perfect senior living option for you, your finances shouldn’t get in the way. Paying for senior living is often one of the hardest aspects of this next step in seniors’ lives, which is why Solterra Senior Living is committed to helping residents find ways to afford to live in their communities.

By offering a number of financial assistance programs, Solterra creates opportunities for residents who might not have had them otherwise. Not having to worry about how they will continue to pay for their care is one of the ways residents continue to live well at Solterra.

Veteran’s benefits are one of the programs that many people use for their senior living costs. Certain veterans who qualify for the program can receive a monthly allowance that goes toward their senior living bills. Spouses of veterans are also able to receive benefits should they qualify.

Long-term care insurance is another way residents pay for their senior care needs. If you already have an existing policy, long-term care insurance may be a great financial solution for you. Regardless of the way in which you choose to find care, the staff at Solterra Senior Living can assist you in the process. If you’re interested in finding a financial solution that can help you afford senior living, you can receive more information and assistance by contacting one of the Solterra Senior Living communities.