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4 Tips for Helping Mom and Dad Find Assisted Living

As your parents get older, they may get to a point where they need some extra help day to day.

As your parents get older, they may get to a point where they need some extra help day to day. Often, the best solution is an assisted living community, but finding the perfect community for your parents can be quite difficult. 

We have some great tips for helping your mom and dad find the right assisted living community in Arizona:

1. Discuss Your Parents’ Care Needs and Preferences With Them

Figure out the level of care that your parents should receive. How much assistance will they need with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication management? How effectively can they move about on their own? What are their medical conditions that require monitoring? Make sure to also have their medical documents on hand.

Finding the perfect assisted living isn’t just about the care received, it’s also about finding the right community that reflects your parent’s values. If independence is important to them, look into options that share this value. If your parents are interested in making new friends, make sure there are plenty of socialization opportunities, events, and group activities. There are options out there that will allow your parents to bring their own décor from home, and some assisted living communities allow pets. 

Also, ask what type of area they’d like to live in. There are communities close to thriving downtowns and with gorgeous grounds full of nature.

2. Get a Full, Accurate Picture of Your Parents’ Financial Situation

Understand the state of your parents’ finances. Gather the important documents, such as tax returns. If you plan to contribute, you’ll need the state of your own finances as well. Once you crunch the numbers, research options that would adhere to your budget.

Will your parents need financial assistance to afford Arizona assisted living? If so, investigate the available options and see if assisted living communities have any limitations or offer financial assistance of their own.

3. Ask for Recommendations

If your friends and family have experience finding assisted living for their own parents, you could ask them for recommendations, advice, and if there are any assisted living communities to avoid. This is just one way of narrowing down your search.

Consider reaching out to some elder care experts for their recommendations. You could also contact your state’s department of aging to see if they have any resources or recommendations. Also, look into local organizations focusing on elder care.

You can also look for recommendations by searching the web and looking into online reviews and testimonials. Make sure to specify that you’re looking in the Arizona area. Research Arizona assisted living community regulations and check to see if certain places meet those criteria.

4. Visit the Arizona Assisted Living Community in Person or Virtually

Many Arizona assisted living communities offer tours, either in person or virtually. You can schedule these tours ahead of time, although many properties also accept walk-ins. Getting a better feel for the place can help you make the best decision. It also may make your parents more excited about the transition.

In addition to the community itself, make sure to get the best possible idea of the staff and the care they provide. Ask plenty of questions and investigate further if something seems off. Find out as much as you can about the experience and credentials of the staff as well.

Once you follow these tips, we’re sure you’ll see why Solterra Senior Living is such a renowned Arizona assisted living community. You can find plenty more information by perusing the Solterra Senior Living website, and you can contact us to schedule a tour through this website as well!