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How to Avoid Isolation When Living in Assisted Living

Transitioning to an assisted living home can be a bit of an adjustment. It’s especially difficult if you’ve lived in the same home for years or even decades. It may also feel isolating at times. It’s quite normal for each of us to feel a little lonely from time to time, but there are ways to navigate these feelings of loneliness and isolation, and perhaps even make new friendships in the process.

BridgeWater is one of the top choices for assisted living in Arizona, and we’re happy to show you ways to avoid isolation so you feel more at ease in your new home:

Dine Out

Food is often synonymous with fellowship. We frequently catch up with friends and family over a meal at the dinner table, and the same can be true in an assisted living community.

You can enjoy fine dining in our community dining room. Our excellent culinary team provides three chef-prepared meals daily. The dining area is the perfect place to make lasting friendships with other residents in our senior living community.

Dish with your neighbors while indulging in our nutritious chef-prepared dishes. Talk about your favorite foods, memories from the past, or simply how your day went. Whatever the topic of conversation, getting out and chatting with neighbors can be a comforting experience. In fact, the experience can be made all the better when you have a little comfort food to go along with it.

Engage in Activities

If you think life in an assisted living community is boring, then you couldn’t be more wrong! We pride ourselves on being the life of the party when it comes to assisted living in Arizona.

How so? Well for starters, there’s loads of energy and activity here. To ensure you feel a part of our community, we host daily wellness activities and events, games, exercises, and classes to stimulate your mind, body, and spirit. Your social calendar can be as full as you’d like it to be once you become part of the BridgeWater community.

Take up an old hobby or try something out for the first time. You may discover a newfound passion or reignite your love for an old one. Whether it’s playing a board game or picking up a few computer skills, learning something new can help you pass the time in a fun, engaging way.

Go Out on the Town

Living in an assisted living home doesn’t mean you have to sit around all day. You can go out on the town and explore the sights as often as you’d like. We provide scheduled transportation for shopping trips, entertainment excursions, and more. Grab a few friends and celebrate a special day, or simply get out of the house for a while.

Our communities are conveniently located near top attractions. Whether you want to attend a sports game, visit a museum, or take in a play at a local theater, there’s plenty to see and do. We’ll take you where you want to go so you can experience it all.

It’s your time and we believe you should spend it how you want. Pack your social calendar with daily outings or simply curl up with a good book in one of our relaxing common areas.

When you choose BridgeWater Assisted Living in AZ, one thing will remain constant. You’ll always be surrounded by a dedicated care team and a community of like-minded people.