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5 Great Features of Senior Living in Tucson

If you’ve set your heart on moving to a senior living community in Arizona, you couldn’t choose a better city than Tucson.

If you’ve set your heart on moving to a senior living community in Arizona, you couldn’t choose a better city than Tucson. Not only is it a vibrant setting in a beautiful desert landscape, but it’s also home to one of our Solterra Senior Living communities. We know the choice of your future home is an important one. We’re happy to share with you that our residents enjoy living in our stylish and modern communities and receive caring, compassionate service from our highly trained personnel.

Without further ado, let us show you five great features of senior living in Tucson.

1. Amenities

Our on-site resources to help seniors stay active, eat well, and engage with fellow residents and visitors. Meals are served at our restaurant-style bistro and are chef-prepared to be nutritious and delicious. Expect every day to have three excellent meals with a variety of tasty selections. If you’re craving something or if you have a special recipe, we’d love to hear about it! Suggestions are always welcome.

Further amenities include activity and media rooms, where you can spend time with your new friends or visit with your family, an in-house movie theatre, and a library. If you need a haircut, we have a full-service beauty salon right in our community. Looking to stay connected with the world? We have community computer stations for you. Have an appointment? We can drive you there too.

Folks who stay active tend to age more gracefully as well, so we have exercise and wellness centers available for your use. Bring in your own coach or physical therapist or connect with one of ours to keep those muscles moving!

2. Memory Care

If you’ve moved to senior living because you weren’t feeling safe on your own due to some cognitive difficulties, our team will present opportunities for you to continue to live life to its fullest. Our caregivers are dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, caring environment for each resident. Person-centered care is important to us, and each caregiver is aware of each resident’s personal and health history, which creates rapport and allows conversations to flow easily.

Residents who require memory care receive help with medication management, bathing, dressing and grooming, and specially designed activities and tranquility programs. Sometimes these programs can slow the process of cognitive decline. Of course, memory care residents also receive 24-hour emergency response monitoring and will remain safe in secured garden courtyards.

Our caregivers are highly qualified to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, knowing about the issues associated with these difficulties and understanding the emotional distress residents may experience. Our memory care team is here for you and will provide for your needs at every stage of memory loss.

3. Respite Care

If you’re not quite ready to make the big leap from living at home to permanently moving to a senior care community, and you need some help while recovering from an injury or illness, we can still help you out with short-term or respite care. Maybe you have a regular caregiver who helps you in your home. When was the last time they had a vacation? Or maybe your caregiver is a family member who has a big project or an illness of their own. Come spend some time with us, and you can test the waters while recovering in the home-like comfort of a Solterra community.

While visiting us in the short-term, you’ll still be able to access the same quality care, social events and activities, and high-quality, healthy meals delivered to our full-time residents. Enjoy the same community spaces and private apartments and give yourself some time to fully experience the Solterra lifestyle without committing to it fully yet.

4. Living Quarters

We love showing off our beautiful spacious private apartments. Each floorplan offers suites with an emphasis on your comfort, family-style privacy, natural lighting (we love that Arizona sun!), and accessible private and public bathrooms. You can personalize your suite with your familiar furniture—what better way to age in comfort than with the furniture and personal items that mean so much to you? Our apartments also include housekeeping and linen services and around-the-clock emergency monitoring.

Common areas are also available to you, designed to be stylish and comfortable. We have landscaped courtyards so you can enjoy the climate without having to go anywhere and so you can retreat inside quickly if the weather doesn’t suit you. It gets hot out there!

5. City of Tucson

The Solterra Senior Living community is in northwest Tucson, so you’re close enough that you can explore the city without having to spend a lot of time traveling. Tucson is the second-most populous city in Arizona, after Phoenix, so there’s plenty to keep your mind and body active when checking it out. If you have an appointment or interest in visiting a place in the city, we would be happy to chauffeur you there. Whether you have family visiting or if you want a day trip with your friends, there are a plethora of places to enjoy with them. Take a scenic drive or walk through any of the nearby national parks or deserts, such as Tucson Mountain Park or Saguaro National Park.

Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona, so you can expect university events that are open to the public, such as sporting events, theatre, and other presentations. Enjoy museums and art galleries, experience the San Xavier del Bac Spanish Catholic Mission, take a trip through film history at the Old Tucson Studios movie lot, or spend some time shopping at Foothills Mall. The world’s your oyster, and we’d be happy to help you enjoy your time in this city.

Our mission is to address the social, cultural, and recreational needs of our resident seniors in order to keep them happy, engaged, and active. With all these great features, how can we do any less? Contact us today to schedule a tour or have a chat so we can plan how to best maximize your quality of life.