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Age in Place with Senior Living in Avondale

We all want to live comfortably, right?

Whether that means living comfortably financially or living comfortably in terms of our quality of life, we all want a comfortable lifestyle with minimal stress.

As we age, we may seek stability and familiarity to increase our comfort levels. That’s why when you consider senior living homes in Avondale, you should try to find a retirement community that offers you a wide range of services in a single setting. The more streamlined your life can be, the more likely you are to enjoy your retirement.

When you make your stay at Bridgewater Assisted Living, you can age in place with senior living in Avondale.

Independent Living

You’ve spent most of your life working hard. So now that you’ve reached retirement, it’s time to enjoy the good life. But you may be thinking that senior living in Avondale isn’t for you. For instance, you may not need any assistance with daily living activities. If so, that’s great! But Bridgewater isn’t simply an assisted living home: we’re a senior living community. That means we offer independent living as well.

Are you looking to meet people your age, socialize, relax, and give back to your community through your passions and interests? If so, we’re the perfect place for you.

At Bridgewater, you’ll be able to enjoy resort-style living in a modern, upscale setting. You’ll be close to shopping boutiques and world-class golf courses so that you can go on frequent social outings with friends and family. If you’re a NASCAR fan, we’re also conveniently located near Phoenix International Raceway.

Or perhaps you want to volunteer at the local hospital or for another charitable cause. Whatever your interests, we provide transportation for you to get out and about and enjoy everything Avondale has to offer.

But that’s not the best part. The best part is that we even take care of the mundane, everyday tasks for you. That means no yard work, maintenance, or housekeeping duties to fuss over. Too much of your life has already been spent doing all that. Now, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy retirement living to the fullest.

Assisted Living

If you’re able to perform everyday tasks and get around with ease, we couldn’t be happier for you. But many seniors could use some help with daily activities from time to time. Even if you’re in great physical shape now, there’s the possibility you may need some assisted living services as you grow older. That’s why when looking for a senior living home in Avondale, you should look for a place that has a range of services to assist you as your needs evolve and change over the years.

The great thing about our assisted living program is that you can still maintain the level of independence you desire even with a little help from our care team along the way. That’s because we believe independent and assisted living are not mutually exclusive. You can enjoy both at the same time if your senior living community provides each of these services.

Bridgewater delivers around-the-clock personal assistance for those who need extra help. For others, we offer services that simply streamline your lifestyle. For instance, as we mentioned before, if your eyesight isn’t quite what it once was and you prefer not to drive around town, we’ll arrange transportation to medical appointments, shopping trips, and other excursions. We also have resident-centered wellness activities on-site that include exercise, games, and classes to keep the body active and the mind stimulated.

Our assisted living is customized to your care needs. Levels of care and service include assistance with medication management, bathing, dressing, grooming, and ambulation, just to name a few. Our care teams are trained to provide the support and help you need to live a full and enjoyable life. We provide the right amount of assistance so that you can still maintain an adequate level of independence.

Memory Care

Just as our bodies age, our minds can also get a little fuzzy over the years. At Bridgewater, we offer an innovative and exclusive approach to memory care known as Equilibrium. This activity program results in positive health and wellness outcomes for our residents.

Our proactive approach uses a combination of art, music, mindfulness, and cognitive therapies aimed to keep bodies active, minds engaged, and spirits high. We believe in a holistic healthcare approach. We also believe the mind, body, and soul function best when each is adequately cared for and nourished.

The result is a measurable positive outcome that includes enhanced communication skills, greater sensory awareness and motor function, improved memory, as well as other great benefits. There’s also decreased anxiety, depression, and wandering.

Equilibrium also allows us to measure how you are feeling daily so we can continue to adjust our therapies for maximum functioning and satisfaction. We also provide real-time feedback to loved ones so that family and caretakers are always intimately involved in the memory care plan.

As we get older, we get accustomed to a certain lifestyle. We grow comfortable in our surroundings, which is why it’s so important to find a senior living home that allows you to progress through the different stages of life in one place. As your health and needs change, you want to make sure your care team is fully equipped to handle those evolving needs.

Bridgewater makes senior care living in Avondale easy and enjoyable. We help you age in one place so you never have to leave the comfort of your new home. And after visiting us, we’re certain you’ll never want to. So give us a call and begin your journey of streamlined retirement living here with us in beautiful Avondale.