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5 Reasons to Enjoy Senior Living in Peoria

Senior living communities are designed to give seniors a safe living environment that helps enrich their lives.

Senior living communities are designed to give seniors a safe living environment that helps enrich their lives. Though many people are familiar with senior living communities in Arizona, few are aware of just how much they offer residents. Everything from housekeeping services to new and exciting programing is available for residents, with some communities going above and beyond to ensure their residents’ happiness.

Senior living in Peoria is made easy at The Mission at Agua Fria. Our residents enjoy senior living because it has so much to offer them. Here are a few reasons why seniors enjoy senior living in Peoria.

Reason # 1: Safer Environment

One of the many reasons that seniors enjoy senior living is that it provides them with a safe home environment. While only receiving the amount of care that they need, seniors can live independently and don’t have to worry about traveling far to meet their needs.

At The Mission at Agua Fria, we have an on-site care staff available 24 hours a day. We also offer our residents medication management, assistance, and administration should they need it. And when it comes to travel, our residents can get around safely with our scheduled transportation to local services.

Reason #2: Unique Programs

You’re never too old to learn something new, which is why we enjoy enriching our residents’ lives with an abundance of creative programs. Residents can enjoy cultural and recreational programs at The Mission at Agua Fria. They can also take part in enrichment programs that encourage involvement while also recognizing the unique capabilities and interests of each individual.

Reason #3: Socialization

It isn’t hard to make friends at The Mission at Agua Fria. So many of our residents are around the same age, and they often find great ways to relate and enjoy each others’ company. To further encourage socialization, we’ve created a variety of community features that are perfect for groups. Our theatre and game room are great places for residents to congregate and have fun. We also have a large enclosed outdoor courtyard that’s perfect for taking a stroll and catching up with other residents.

Reason #4: Help with Daily Chores

It’s easier to enjoy the day when you don’t have to worry about daily household chores. As a senior, you’ve likely been doing chores your entire life, but while at The Mission at Agua Fria, you can finally take a break. Residents enjoy weekly housekeeping and linen services so that they can spend their time and energy on other things and not risk the injuries that sometimes occur during these tasks.

Reason #5: Variety of Amenities and Activities

Maintaining an active lifestyle is a great way to ensure our residents are both happy and healthy, which is why we provide a variety of amenities and activities for them to partake in. A computer center, lounges, and a chapel are among the list of amenities at The Mission at Agua Fria. Our beauty salon is the perfect way to get dolled up, without having to travel too far. And when it comes to food, residents can enjoy letting someone else prepare the meals. The restaurant-style dining area is equipped with a chef who prepares three nutritious meals per day for residents to enjoy.