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What Is Involved in Equilibrium at BridgeWater?

Once you’ve made the decision to move to assisted living and you’ve settled in, you may discover that there are still more decisions to make regarding your future. If you just aren’t feeling quite as sharp as you used to, or if you know there’s some family history of memory loss, you may want to consider a BridgeWater Assisted Living community.

Our exclusive Equilibrium activities program does more than just engage our residents. It can help slow the memory loss process so you can enjoy your retirement instead of worrying about it. This program can help you or your loved ones who may be experiencing some cognitive decline.

What Is Equilibrium?

Equilibrium is an activity engagement program. Within the five or six activities scheduled every day, you can engage in music, art, cognitive exploration, and mindfulness through movement. Ultimately, our goal at BridgeWater Assisted Living is to facilitate better health and wellness outcomes for those who are concerned about their mental wellbeing. And you don’t need to wait to hear about your progress. BridgeWater personnel provide real-time feedback to our residents and their families so that everyone is informed.

Each category of activities has been chosen because it has been proven to enhance cognition and awareness. Cognitive exploration and mindfulness are well-known strategies for coping with Alzheimer’s and other dementia, but art and music might be new to you in this realm. However, many studies have been conducted, and the conclusions are the same across the board: no matter the stage of life you have achieved, when you create art, you’re producing new neural pathways in your brain. This is how art enhances cognitive functioning. This is why these activities are a vital part of Equilibrium.

Art and Music

There’s often a misconception that only a select few can create art, that only some have been gifted with the talent for creating something. But even people who haven’t had formal training can enjoy making something, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a tune on an instrument. Any of these activities are also known for reducing the anxiety or depression that a resident can suffer when they feel like they may be declining in mind or body.

There can also be a sense of accomplishment in taking the time to explore your art or music, now that you have this time for yourself to enjoy something new. And maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at watercolors or working with clay but never had the time or materials or the space to do it. This is your chance.

Music is similar. Studies have shown that music, whether you’re playing it on an instrument or listening to it, can improve memory, sleep quality, and blood pressure, as well as decrease stress and anxiety. There can also be an increased sense of self and a return of a sense of humor. Music is mathematical and based on relationships too. Though you may be thinking you’re only listening to a simple tune, your brain is working hard to compute, translate, and interpret it.

These little sessions can have big gains in your brain and cognition. Even a few music lessons or sessions with a paintbrush in hand can bring better memory and problem-solving capabilities. Contact us at BridgeWater Assisted Living to answer your questions about our exclusive Equilibrium activities program and our memory care.