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5 Reasons to Move into Senior Living Communities in Arizona

If you’ve been considering which senior living community will best suit you and where, you’re not alone. Every year, seniors grapple with this decision, factoring in concerns such as the weather, costs, and quality of life. It’s hard to decide where in the world you’ll be most comfortable. Still, each year, many seniors end up choosing Arizona to call home.

Seniors love living in Arizona and often move here from all over the US. The dry heat is an asset to the area, and the senior living communities are some of the best in the country. With top-notch amenities and specific care that suits your needs, communities like Solterra Senior Living in Arizona are a destination for seniors.

Are you still trying to decide where you should move for your senior living experience? Here are a few reasons why you might want to move into a senior living community in Arizona.

Arizona Has a Large Senior Population

Over time, it seems that Arizona has become a popular destination amongst seniors. As they get closer to retirement, a large number of older people have decided this state is the perfect place to be. And it seems that they are firm in their decision, as over 17 percent of Arizona’s overall population is made up of people 65 and over. Many of those people moved from other parts of the country to enjoy their retirement in Arizona. And with the variety of senior living options that Arizona has to offer, it’s easy to see why.

Plopping down in a new state or area is much easier when you know you’re moving into a community that can accommodate all of your needs. Entertainment, transportation, housing, and more are covered when you move into Solterra Senior Living. Senior living can make your life easier, which is exactly what you deserve after retirement.

They Can Help You with Daily Tasks

As we get older, things that were once second nature become more difficult. Activities like household chores are more of a burden, and standard grooming practices aren’t as easy as they once were. Those normal activities can also create more opportunities to accidentally injure yourself. The assistance provided at senior living communities like Solterra will allow you to live more comfortably, without having to worry about how things will get done.

At Solterra Senior Living, we provide housekeeping and linen services to our residents. This gives our residents peace of mind and allows them to spend more time focusing on activities that will enrich their experience. We also offer assistance with other basic daily activities, such as grooming, dressing, and bathing. While encouraging your independence, we understand that sometimes you may need extra help. You can depend on licensed staff members to assist you and ensure you’re well taken care of.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Socialize

Moving into a senior living community can provide you with more opportunities to socialize with people your age. Living alone can feel very solitary, and interacting with others every day can be beneficial to your health and happiness. Though you’ll have your own personal living quarters, your neighbors will be plentiful at Solterra Senior Living.

To further encourage socialization, we provide a number of activities and amenities that you can do in groups. Our courtyards are a great place to take a stroll and see other people from the community. The restaurant-style dining room is another great communal space for residents to gather and enjoy a meal together. We also have an extensive activities program, that will allow residents to learn new hobbies and meet other residents.

Aside from interacting with a variety of people in your own age group, you’ll also be surrounded by a supportive staff of nurses, cooks, and other helpers in the community. The community atmosphere is a popular reason why people enjoy living at Solterra. It creates a unique space that provides both safety and an opportunity to get to know others more easily.

Senior Living Provides a Safer Environment

Solterra Senior Living communities have every type of care, from independent living to assisted living to memory care. Seniors can relax knowing that they live in a private community with licensed nurses readily available. Confidence in a safer environment leads many people to move into senior living in Arizona.

Health concerns make many seniors feel unsafe in their own homes. Not knowing if or when they’d be able to get help can be stressful when you’re living on your own, but it won’t be at a senior living community. Solterra Senior Living puts residents’ health at the forefront, as each resident can choose which level of care is best for them and never be too far from registered health professionals.

For residents who experience memory loss, we have Solterra Springs, a program designed specifically for memory-impaired residents. It includes a secured courtyard to allow residents to safely move inside and out. They’re also aided throughout the day by caregivers who are specially trained in the disease progression associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Safety is so important, and at a senior living community, you won’t have to worry about that.

Arizona Has Great Weather

When it comes to the weather in Arizona, there’s somewhere to suit everyone’s needs. The dry heat provides a warming experience without much of the added humidity. You can also travel north to experience a mild winter in the mountains and south to get your fix of the desert. People love the weather in Arizona, and that contributes to why so many people want to move into senior living here.

Solterra Senior Living has three communities in Arizona to choose from. If you’re looking for a resort-life community in a serene desert community, our Chandler location will be perfect for you. It’s just a few minutes outside Phoenix, which has ample things to do and see. If you’re looking to live in an area with even hotter temperatures, our Tucson community will impress you. And our Lakeside, Arizona, community is surrounded by national forests, giving residents a tranquil senior living experience.