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Do I Need Memory Care?

It’s one thing to be a little forgetful.

It’s one thing to be a little forgetful. And it can be difficult to know whether that’s a sign of a larger problem. When you have dementia or Alzheimer’s, you may still be able to live on your own and take care of yourself for some time. But if your memory loss is severely affecting your life, it might be time to consider a different solution. There are signs and circumstances you and your loved ones will have to think over to decide if memory care is necessary. Read on to see if it’s time to look into your memory care options in Arizona.

Have There Been Drastic Changes in Behavior

When someone starts experiencing memory loss, confusion, or disorientation, they may start to become anxious and easily agitated. They can also become more withdrawn. Someone who is independent may suddenly have trouble taking care of themselves. These behavior changes can be a sign that memory care is the necessary next step.

Has Confusion Started Causing Risk?

Dementia causes serious confusion, which can lead to accidents. If you get lost and start wandering, it could put you in danger. When you enter memory care, you’ll be kept safe and secure. The Mission at Agua Fria ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice your independence to stay safe after entering Arizona memory care. Our private or semi-private apartments are safe and secure while still feeling like home.

Are You Noticing Physical Changes?

Mental and emotional changes are often the first signs of memory loss we think of. However, physical changes can occur too and can be quite scary. If you start forgetting to eat, you may become thinner and frailer. If you forget to take certain medications, that could also have negative physical effects. Or a person may start forgetting to attend medical appointments. Some other physical signs can also include poor hygiene, sunken posture, and inexplicable injuries.

Loss of Caregiver

For some, memory issues may be manageable if they have a caregiver with them. However, if you lose that caregiver, it may be time to enter a memory care center. Or if your caregiver no longer feels they can give you the help you need. With memory care, you can be sure someone is looking out for you.

At our memory care center in Arizona, we have an excellent staff on hand. Our staff is licensed and certified, as well as compassionate. You can trust that you will be well taken care of. And we know that each person is different, so you’ll get the best care for you instead of just receiving impersonalized care. We take your individual history and needs into account. The Mission at Agua Fria’s caring staff is one of the reasons we provide great memory care.

For the best quality memory care in Arizona, consider The Mission of Agua Fria. With our beautiful surroundings and because we use art, music, exercise, and more in our practices, we provide a wonderful experience all around. We know this is a difficult decision and adjustment, and we are here to help however we can. You can find more information about our Arizona memory care center on our website.