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5 Reasons to Tour the White Mountains Assisted Living Community

Perhaps you’re considering an assisted living community either for yourself or for a loved one, and you don’t have any geographical constraints holding you back.

Perhaps you’re considering an assisted living community either for yourself or for a loved one, and you don’t have any geographical constraints holding you back. This means you have many choices to select from, and it’s important to consider what’s most important to you.

First of all, we recommend starting your search in a region with a comfortable year-round climate so that you can continue to experience the outdoors whenever you want. Solterra Senior Living features a number of communities in the state of Arizona, which is considered an excellent location for retirement, especially for anyone who enjoys the sunshine.

If you’re considering a location with beautiful scenery and amenities to meet a variety of needs, we definitely recommend that you take a tour of the White Mountains Solterra Senior Living community. Here are five reasons why we think you’ll love it:

Various Levels of Care

We offer a range of senior living options, meaning it’s highly likely we can meet the needs of you or your family members. Specifically, there are four different ways our team can serve you. We provide assisted living, with basic daily assistance and encouraging independence; independent living, for active seniors who prefer a hassle-free living situation; memory and dementia care, in a compassionate and secure environment; and hospice care, creating comfort for you and your family when you need it.

The Local Area

We’re proud to be located in the scenic White Mountains of central-eastern Arizona, in the Pinetop-Lakeside region. This popular vacation getaway is a favorite spot for those who enjoy the desert climates of Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale. Situated at an elevation of 7,200 feet, Pinetop-Lakeside has cool and pleasant summer temperatures in an alpine setting, with tall mountains and enchanting forests that win over visitors year-round. Especially for more active seniors, the recreation opportunities are spectacular; make sure to check out some opportunities during your tour of the White Mountains community.

Top-Notch Amenities

Not only do our community members have access to the scenic outdoor areas of the White Mountains, but they also have amazing amenities available to them right in their home community. Solterra’s White Mountains community features restaurant-style dining, lovely courtyards for enjoying the pleasant temperatures, and other great perks, such as a beauty salon, a theatre, and a private library. There are many activities available to our residents, coordinated on a daily basis.

Resident-Centered Care

Our goal here at Solterra Senior Living at White Mountains is to provide our guests with anything they might need in order to live their best lives. Our apartments are spacious, our meals are designed by experienced chefs, and our friendly staff is highly skilled in all areas related to senior living and care. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and friendships grow in our home-like setting.

Financial Assistance

Senior care isn’t always affordable, but at Solterra, we’re committed to making our services accessible for those who want to join our community. We’re happy to work with you and your family to discuss a loan option, such as Elderlife Financial Solutions, or to look into long-term care insurance options. We also accept veteran’s benefits. It’s worth contacting our community and discussing this in detail. Don’t hesitate, as we would love to hear from you.

We hope we’ve given you reason to come visit and tour the White Mountains Solterra Senior Living community. We’re dedicated to providing the best care possible. Let us show you!