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5 Things You’ll Love About Solterra Apartments for Senior Living

Finding a senior living facility can be a tough decision.

Finding a senior living facility can be a tough decision. You need extra care, but you don’t want to leave your home for a place you’ll hate. Luckily, there are certain apartments for senior living that will soon feel just like a beloved home. At Solterra apartments, we focus strongly on providing residents with the best quality of life possible. You’ll be able to see that through our high quality of service and the many amenities. Read on to see just some of the benefits our Solterra apartments have to offer.

Residents Maintain Their Independence

First of all, you’ll love that Solterra apartments provide safety and security without forcing you to give up your independence. Our mission at Solterra is for our residents to Live Well. When you live at our apartments, you and your loved ones will have peace of mind because of our 24-hour nurse alert and health monitoring system. So if there’s an emergency, you know you can get help immediately. At the same time, you’ll still have the privacy of your own apartment.

The floor plans in our apartments are specifically designed to be as accommodating and safe for seniors as possible. For instance, there aren’t any stairs in our apartments. This makes Solterra a much better option compared to some other apartments or senior homes, which can have many potential hazards.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that our apartments are very secure. We’re better equipped to protect seniors from outside threats such as thieves.

It Feels Like Home

You’ll be living in a real, complete apartment, not just something that feels like a dorm or hospital room. Each of our apartments, even the studios, is fully equipped with a kitchen, a living room, and a dining area. This contributes to your independence. And it makes it easier for you to have friends and family members over, especially the new friends you make in the community.

We also encourage residents to decorate their apartments as much as they like. You can bring things you love from home, from your favorite furniture to family photographs and beloved keepsakes. We want you to be able to show off your personal style, not be stuck in an apartment that just looks identical to all the rest. We try to make sure our apartments feel like private homes, just with better access to the help and care you may need.

Your surroundings will naturally affect your mood. So when you see that Solterra apartments have gorgeous courtyards and patios, that the apartments are attractive, and all the ways we make the living conditions great, you’ll be much happier. The beautiful landscapes of our apartments provide peace and tranquility. And we have wonderful indoor common areas to spend time in as well.

Loved Ones and Visitors Are Welcome

You’ll be able to stay connected to your loved ones. We want to make it easy for your friends and family to visit. We have multiple locations in Arizona, so you’re able to choose one that’s close, making it easier for loved ones to see you more often. We have internet and computer access that can help you stay in touch as well. And we keep your family in the loop, making sure to communicate with them about any care or services you may need.

Services and Amenities Are Provided by Staff

You’ll no longer have to worry about chores. Our helpful services ensure our apartments are maintenance-free. We provide weekly housekeeping, which will take a load off your mind. If there are any issues with your apartment, we’ll address those in a timely manner. This is also for safety reasons. We don’t want any residents to hurt themselves trying to keep up with maintenance.

If you’re a senior who can no longer drive, don’t worry. Transportation services make sure you can get where you need to go. You can use these for important tasks such as going grocery shopping.

Another extra is that we also have beauty and barber shops in-house. So you don’t need to find a place to get your hair done or to be pampered.

We also offer meal preparation, so you only have to cook if you want to. Our dining rooms offer a variety of chef-made meals, so you’re not stuck eating the same bland food every day. We offer residents food that’s both healthy and delicious. We also have special holiday meals and happy hours. And we take suggestions and feedback from residents to make sure everyone can have meals they love. You can even share some of your favorite recipes!

When all of this is taken care of, you’ll be able to relax and focus on your health and enjoying life.

Residents Are Part of a Community

There are plenty of opportunities to socialize that will make sure you really are a part of a community. One worry some have about moving into senior living communities is that they’ll get lonely or get bored. We work extra hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We encourage all residents to make new friends and try new interests. Some amenities in our apartments include libraries, billiards rooms, and theatres. There are activities scheduled every day to make sure you can stay active and engaged. This includes social and recreational events. And these activities are great for your body, mind, and spirit. There are regular shopping and leisurely outings scheduled as well.

If this all sounds like the perfect senior living for you, schedule a visit to one of our apartment locations in Arizona. We accept drop-in visitors, but you can also call the community closest to you to schedule a tour. You can find additional helpful information about Solterra Senior Living apartments on our website. There you can find out more about the specific amenities offered in each of our individual communities. For instance, the Chandler and White Mountain apartments even allow small pets! You can also see the different apartment floorplans. Hopefully, you’ll be part of our community soon.