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5 Ways to Make Your Senior Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving is tough for anyone, especially when you have to downsize. Going from a large home to a senior apartment may seem like a difficult task, but with a few adjustments, you can make a senior apartment feel like home in no time.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, the communities are centered around our residents. With meaningful activities, community events, and upscale services, you’ll feel a sense of community everywhere you look. Your apartment should evoke the same positive energy as you get within the rest of the community. If your apartment doesn’t quite feel like you yet, try these five ways to make it feel more like home.

Display Photographs

When moving into your senior apartment, try to decorate the walls with photos. Sure, you haven’t lived in the space for long, but your old photos can create a nostalgic feeling in a new space. Bring pictures from your past, as well as pictures of your family taken recently. Adding these small touches will give you a feeling of home soon enough.

Incorporate Plants

Incorporating plants into your new apartment can bring it to life. Having indoor plants in your space can be really helpful in keeping the air quality clean and can also help fight off depression. If the plants from your previous home are too large to bring to your senior apartment, try taking clippings from them. You can create smaller versions of your previous plants while taking pleasure in watching them grow. And if you didn’t have plants at your last home, now is the perfect time to get some.

Less Is More

When you move into your senior apartment, it will be tempting to bring as many things with you as possible. But having too many things in your apartment can make it feel cramped. You want to prioritize items with sentimental value while trying to keep your space feeling open and inviting. Take on a “less is more” approach and reap the benefits of a more open space.

Make Room for Guests

Being able to entertain in your home is important to many people. That’s why, when you’re figuring out how to make your apartment feel like home, you should consider creating a space specifically for entertaining. At BridgeWater, the sense of community will help you to create many new friendships, and your friends and family from before will feel more welcome if they have a specific space to comfortably visit you.

Though space can be a visual asset to your apartment, the new interactions and relationships you nurture there will help to create new memories. As these new memories blossom, your senior apartment will begin to feel more like home.

Make It Completely Your Own

One of the most important things about your senior apartment is that what you choose to do with it is up to you. So why not make it your own? If you enjoy doing a certain hobby or craft, make sure to create a space that encourages doing it. Or try decorating your door with art or photos that express who you are. Others will walk by and feel happy or inspired to see it, and you’ll walk into your senior apartment feeling ownership over it. Incorporate your style and taste into every aspect of the apartment that you can, and it will begin to feel more like home.