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Short-Term Live-In Carer vs. Short-Term Respite Care Community

If you’re a senior considering a temporary care solution, you may want to consider something called short-term care.

If you’re a senior considering a temporary care solution, you may want to consider something called short-term care. However, you’ll want to know which option is best for you: short-term live-in care or short-term respite care. Each provides unique opportunities for seniors to be assisted during times when they need it most, but they’re also very different experiences.


Some senior living communities, like Solterra Senior Living, provide options for seniors to stay at their communities temporarily. And some seniors would rather stay in their own homes and be cared for. Each preference can be tailored to with these care options. Knowing the short-term care options available can help seniors and their loved ones better prepare for times when care is needed for a shorter period of time.


About Short-Term Respite Care


A senior community has many enriching benefits for seniors, including resort-like living, delicious meal options, and a wonderful community of residents and staff. These are the reasons some people choose to live there permanently or stay for short-term respite care.


When seniors are recovering from illness or injury, this is the perfect place for them to continue their rehabilitation until they’re ready to come home. Short-term respite care is also a great option if a senior’s family members are going out of town or if their caregiver is in need of a break. Spending the in-between time can feel like a vacation for seniors, and it’s a great way to pass the time until they’re able to return home.


Short-term respite care is also a good way to get a feel for a senior living community before deciding if they want to live there more permanently. It can give the guest a good idea of whether the community is a good fit, while also giving them a chance to build relationships with the other seniors there. During their stay, they’ll be treated just like the other residents, with the ability to join in on social activities while also receiving personalized care from the staff.


For some, short-term respite care is an ideal option that can open the door to a new way of living.


About Short-Term Live-in Care


Seniors may also be better suited to continue their healing in their own homes. Just like with short-term respite care, having a short-term live-in carer is used for reasons like recovery from injury or illness, as well as to bridge the gap between family or their usual caregiver taking a break or vacation. Family and caregivers work consistently to ensure the proper care is given to their loved ones, and taking occasional breaks can help them continue to provide the care they do, without getting burnt out.


With a short-term live-in carer, a senior can remain in the comfort of their own home while receiving the care that they need. Their day-to-day schedules can remain relatively unchanged while a caregiver comes to them and assimilates to their schedule. Usually, a short-term live-in carer will assist with things like domestic work and personal care, as well as providing companionship.


The type of care that a senior wants to receive varies from person to person. Both options provide a safe alternative to their usual caregivers for a short amount of time. Giving both a try can help seniors see which option truly works best for them.