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7 Facts About BridgeWater Senior Care

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, it can be difficult thinking about the transition to senior care or assisted living.

Here are seven facts about BridgeWater senior care that can calm your mind:

Fact #1: Your money will go further here

If you’re concerned about the cost of assisted living, we’ve designed our communities at all BridgeWater senior care locations so that your savings or fixed income will take you much further, giving you greater peace of mind. We find the growing numbers of underserved, fixed-income seniors troubling, and through a federal tax-credit program, we’re able to do our part to help seniors who may find themselves in a tight spot.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you may be eligible to meet our income-qualified requirements. Our Community Benefits Advocate would be happy to work with you as well if you have need of further resources. Here, we aim to educate potential residents and their families as to what means are available for them.

Fact #2: Your health will be better thanks to innovation

Our residents can expect a high standard of living thanks to our devotion to technology and science. With better health and safety and proactive measures, residents will enjoy a better quality of life. For instance, our revolutionary nurse alert program allows residents to enjoy greater independence without feeling like they’re being hovered over.

This 24-hour health monitoring system is a network of in-home passive sensors that track a resident’s activities. Any unusual activity or changes in patterns, whether in sleeping, toileting, or other activities, are brought to the attention of onsite staff. Each incident is assessed on a case-by-case basis should any preventative measures need to be made. This will save you money and frustration in the long run as it may prevent an ER visit or hospitalization.

Fact #3: Our locations are spectacular

All three of our communities located around Phoenix were designed and built with modern, upscale, and stylish sensibilities while providing state-of-the-art technology and medical care. Each location is slightly different, though lively, interesting businesses, restaurants, places of worship, and parks surround each one.

Deer Valley is a cozy neighborhood community near which you can explore Deem Hills and Cave Buttes. Our Midtown location hosts memory care apartments and assisted living, and has a campus with beautiful mountain views without sacrificing that wonderful downtown vibe. The newest addition to our list is Avondale, which provides independent and assisted living, as well as specialized memory care. This one has more of an upscale, resort-like feel (and it’s not far from several golf courses!).

Fact #4: Our mission is to serve our senior community

Whether it’s providing new, well-cared-for apartments for you to live in or offering ways for residents to engage in activities at each location or in the world around them, we want to foster a community that you’re excited to live in. This frees you to live the life you want—spending your time on the activities and pursuits you find the most interesting.

We believe that everyone deserves a great retirement. This also means having everything on hand—if you want to exercise, we have a place to do that. If you want to spend the entire day in the library, you can! We also have movie theatres, beauty salons, coffee lounges, and business centers so that you can complete your errands without having to even step outside if you don’t want to.

Fact #5: Our exclusive Equilibrium activities program will help with memory care

If you or your loved one has experienced some cognitive decline, we suggest checking out our Equilibrium program. Art, music, mindfulness, and cognitive therapy all provide different facets in this program to help keep your mind engaged with the world around you, to help your body stay active, and to bolster your spirits.

While most other assisted living and memory care centers provide daily activities for their residents, these activities take it a step further. Speaking with a cognitive therapist is especially helpful in assessing how the rest of your accomplishments are moving your mind and spirits. There’s no stigma to speaking with a therapist, especially since cognitive therapy is based on how you’re thinking, behaving, and communicating today, rather than as a result of early childhood trauma or experiences.

Fact #6: We’re certain you’ll love our independent living apartments and the worry-free life they offer

Not only do you no longer have to worry about yard work, home maintenance, or laundry, but you can give up the car and cooking. However, if you love the convenience of your car or the satisfaction of having prepared a meal, you don’t have to let go of either. This is your life, and we’re here to make it better, whatever you want to give up or hold onto.

If you want to give up the car, we can always schedule transportation for you. If you want to give up cooking, we have three square chef-prepared meals every day in the community restaurant, as well as happy hours and coffee bars available to you. Without worrying about your laundry or cleaning, you can go enjoy a day out to visit family, take in a show, volunteer at an organization you support, or attend a class. You’ve worked hard enough—let us do this for you!

Fact #7: We love to answer questions!

Moving to an assisted living situation can be scary—at the very least, it seems like a huge step. Some people might feel trepidation at asking too many questions, thinking that they’re taking up someone’s valuable time or that they sound silly asking about trivial things. We want to encourage you not to hold back. Now is the time to ask any questions you have, and we’ll answer them. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.To find out more, you can visit our website, call us at 602-281-9535, or schedule a tour at any of our locations. To start the process, fill out the online content form. We’ll have a Care Team member contact you as soon as possible to set up an appointment or answer your questions then. We hope to hear from you soon!